By Chad Taylor


My people will not fade away in these last days.  They will arise and shine with passionís fire in their eyes.  They will be the head and not the tail; they will overcome and not fail.  I will cause them to infiltrate and invade every realm of human existence with My power.   They will shine while others decline in the epic hour.  They will create a sound that will confound the wise.  Like the sonís of Issachar they will discern the signs of the times.   It will resound in every secular arena declaring a new season.  It will be the reason that many in public positions with awry ambitions will be saved.  This is the day that My name will possess the glory and fame.  It will spread abroad through nations and lands, My people will burst upon the scene with their names written in the Palm of My hand.  They will stand, identity intact, while others crumble under the relentless attacks. 


As economy and money loses its coveted value, My name in them will be hollowed.  They will be wise and shrewd to do the greater works that I show them to do.  I will give them mammon in hidden places; they will have a countenance of peace as distress marks otherís faces.  My peace will guard their hearts and minds to secure the future of nations to redefine the destiny of the youth.  Evil they will eschew as I renew their minds.  They will defy religious confines and set the captives free.  The old wineskins will break changing the paradigm and this will be a sign of the end time.  I will take many of them to sit with princes.  They will leap the walls and fences of present doctrine to open the eyes of the spiritually blind.  The world will know they are Mine.  Ancient truth lost to religious creed will rise again to take precedence as a chosen generation takes preeminence. 


Now is the time of storms and transitions.  To reposition My people into the harvest of nations.  The religious conspiracy will not succumb them to the present apathy but they will break from the restraint to begin to take back the land.   As the forces of darkness assemble for their final stand, My people will rise to prominence amongst the secular media to secure the wealth of man.  It will be turned like water into reservoirs of righteousness to finance My end-time plan.  A creative force will arrest My church propelling them into the future as they nurture a generation of geniuses.  They will redefine the college campuses and the fire of reformation will bring forth a transformation of doctrine and dogma. 


In this present landslide of morality My people will shine with a glory; no other generation has seen.  The intensity of it will light up the land creating an open Heaven that will transcend all limitations.  Institutions once steeped in tradition will burn with this fire of My desire, young men will have visions and old men will dream dreams.   Nothing will be as it seems.  I will give My church eyes to see beyond the veils and the darkness will pale in comparison with the glory revealed.  They will see the matrixes and the complexities of stars and constellations which will declare to a generation My deity.  They will walk in a divine identity marked by My posterity.  I will show them the fabric of My creation which will result in medical breakthroughs and cures.  2004 will be a door into the greater works.


Political unrest will be a test for my intercessors.  In these forthcoming elections I will give them unheralded protection from the onslaught of division.  Through revelation and vision my prophets will declare the truth and not moved by popular opinion.  I will give them access into the hidden chambers of intrigue and strategy which will cause many hearts to believe in Me.  They will be a voice at the table of controversy bringing a balance of My power and mercy.  A voice of reason in a season of unrest.  But My church will past the test and will shine with a glory unprecedented.  I will preserve the life of these leaders against opposition and threat and turn back the hand of the enemy.  Prepare yourself and gird up your minds.  These are the beginning of the end times.  Arise and shine, for the glory of the Lord has come.

Chad Taylor