A Fire Will Come From The South

Chad Taylor

"And when ye see the south wind blow, ye say, There will be heat; and it cometh to pass." (Lk 12:55).

As the fire once burned in the Civil War and consumed the south, so now shall a fire come from the South to consume the Northland. An all Consuming Fire of My Spirit says the Lord shall be kindled in the South and sweep up to the North. It will burn up the wicked and bring forth the gold.

A fire of social reformation shall come from the Southern states. It will reform government and legislation. It will cause a reformation of thinking and believing says the Lord. The landscape of My church shall be changed. I will change history from the South. I will re-write the books, and the pages of history shall declare reformation, revival and repentance.

I will burn up the chaff of prejudice and I will consume the dross of hatred. With this fire coming from the South the sounds of injustice will be silenced. I will satisfy the land with rain, I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. A Prophetic river will come from the South. A river that will change the course of time and history. An army of history makers will come from this southern place says the Lord.

I will put color now on the canvas of revival. Those of color will bring a social and religious reformation to the land. They will wipe away the subtle lines of prejudice that paint My people's face. They will carry the torch of reformation and revival. Black and white will stand together and will not break rank or thrust one another. In this hour your forefather's dreams will come true. They will not say one to another, "I have a dream" but rather, "I see the dream..."

I will renew the South's youth like an Eagle. I will restore the wealth that the locusts of prejudice have devoured. I will speak to the North, "GIVE BACK!" And to the East, "GIVE THEM UP!" I will give the South wings of an eagle and they shall fly to a high place, and the dragon of injustice will not harm them again.

A fire is coming from the Southern states says the Lord. It will be felt in Canada and Russia. Into England and Britain. I will break the ancient curses of poverty and injustice that planted itself in your soil three hundred years ago. I will rebuild the bridges of revival from the eastern sea boards to the West. I will create in you a clean heart O South, I will put a right spirit within you. I will restore the joy of your salvation.

Chad Taylor www.consumingfire.com