By Chad Tayor



I heard the Lord say just before Christmas, "New Years Revolution".  Resolution never gets it done, revolution leaves everything undone and moving toward a divine shore.  2004 will be such a year.  There will be a great revolution or radical change of approach and application come to the church.  One will be how we even define what church is.  The ways that worked in 2003 and before will work no more in 2004.  The great temptation to repeat or redo what we are used to can not prevail this coming year.  New thing God declares.


I see a great re-alignment for ministries and individuals.  God aligning us into His perfect will rather than our own desire for what it should be or is.  This will manifest with many changes and rearranges in our personal life, our schedules and our relationships.  It will also have a dramatic effect on our "metron" or measure of influence in ministry we already have.  God is going to radically change the places of our influence and impact this coming year.  "Go with the flow" will become very important in 2004!  God will not be dictated by our fine-tuned schedules and itineraries.  Too much is at stake for that.


I see this upcoming presidential election as one of the most important in history if not the most important.  Bush retaining the Whitehouse is an extension of grace and time that we need for this great harvest that is still pending by and large.  Bush has not yet even come close to his "full swing" in office to accomplish what God has for President Bush and His Kingdom.  Between the years of 2004 and 2008 will equate the most critical window for harvest in world history.  It has never been more important to get people saved and established in the Kingdom of God that in these four years. 


Between 2004 and 2008 a foundation will be laid that can sustain the momentum of harvest that will begin to take place in those years.  A righteous "beach head" will be established during this time frame that will mobilize the army of God into all points and parts of the earth.  During these four years we will see a major surge in business and self-employment as Christians seize the moment and take back coveted economic land.  Witty inventions and business ideas will explode on the scene as a prophetic ingenuity takes precedence.  Then in the years following 2008 the Church will be a "Joseph" in an "Egypt" of crisis.


These three months will be the positioning months that will lead us into the time of delivery or manifestation of our vision and divine destiny.  These three months will be some of the most difficult to withstand but they will have the force to propel us into 2004 with power and victory.  Many of most prosperous moments of our lives will occur in 2004.  This will put us into a place of spiritual and economical stability to stand under the weight of God's glory about to be poured out on the earth.  


The term "two by two" will be renewed this year (2004).  The Body of Christ will "renew Her vows" and churches, ministries and individuals will enter a new covenant with one another for harvest and Kingdom values.  The extreme "individuality" of current ministries will be forced to commit to each other in an entirely deeper level thus losing much of their own personality.  Personality will be eclipsed by unity that will produce profound power for ministry.  God needs a "net" that "works" in 2004 to take in the massive influx of blessing.  Prolific partnering will occur; houses and lands will exchange hands thrusting the roots of love deep into the soil of the future.  We will not value "things" more than we value people.  This divine networking initiated by giving and receiving has the power to push us decades ahead of the enemies plots and plans. 

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