Vision by Chad Taylor

(I give this word only in obedience to His charge and I give it in brokenness and self examining. As I was sitting at this table in a friend's house in North Carolina, reflecting on another night of reconciliation and revival taking place night after night in Ahoskie, I saw this vision. I saw it clearly and openly. My heart broke as I saw it and it forced me to look at my own motives and heart. I send it to you now only as a hope that we will stand at the womb of revival and see it truly come to fruition and maturation in the cities and regions the Lord has given us, "Carpe' Diem - Seize the moment... For Him, Chad Taylor)

I saw a birth canal, in it was a full term child. It was wrestling and writhing to escape the confinement of the birth canal. Contractions kept squeezing the baby until it began to turn blue. Finally with one last jerk the child ceased moving and went limp. As I saw this my heart was wrenched inside of me. I knew something had gone tragically wrong with this seemingly healthy delivery. Then I heard these words:

'A SPIRITUAL MISCARRIAGE is taking place in the Body of Christ. My prophets and apostles are impregnating the church with destiny and power but never allowing it to come to full term. They speak of things to come and things that will be but neglect the most important factor of pregnancy; birthing. They freely receive the seed of My word but they do not freely give it or birth it to the world around them. In doing this the child of revival and harvest dies in the birth canal of the church. Aborting a generation from being saved and set free into their own destinies. Millions are perishing as the apostles and prophets impregnate one region after another with eternity but with no fruit that remains. No harvest.

My prophets have become "donors" instead of fathers. A father will sit with his bride until the final term of pregnancy and wait to see the face of that child. Only when the fully formed child is in his hands can he rest or relieve himself from his watch at the womb. My apostles and prophets leave the water of revival unbroken and in so doing create massive miscarriage throughout the Church. Child after child of revival and breakthrough die in the womb uncared for and unattended. My heart is broken says the Lord.

My heart breaks for the millions of souls left for dead in city after city as my prophets and apostles sow their seed on the soil of indifference. Never finding the fertile fields of harvest ready to be reaped. The belly of My bride sits full of words and promises, unattended and un-provided for by my prophets. The water of revival in these cities remains unbroken resulting in spiritual miscarriages. Great harvest fields white for the reaping lay in heaps and mounds rotten and forgotten. This ought not to be My people.

I charge my apostles and prophets this day to heed My words. The blood of these miscarriages will be on your hands. I will require these lost souls from you. That is why many of My prophets are sick and dying, they are reaping the miscarriages and spiritual abortions left in their wake. I am looking for servants that will wait to the full term of harvest and see these destinies birthed in regions and cities. Not come in as "donors" of spiritual seed and destiny; but rather fathers that will finish what they started.

I will remove the money bags from My prophets and apostles that refuse to prefer cities above their ministries. I will dry up their resource and supply. I will create in them a clean heart and a right spirit. I will put My heart and My motive in them. They will bear My precious seed, that incorruptible seed that gives birth to healthy children and full term harvest. I will plant them into regions and cities to propagate and impregnate those areas with My purpose and power. They will stand at the womb of revival and see its face.'

I suddenly saw another scene flash before me. It was a large hospital room. A nursery or place where the new-born babies are placed before the parents pick them up. In this room there were hundreds of cradles with babies in them. As I looked more closely I saw deformed and premature babies everywhere. Missing limbs, distorted faces and broken bodies. I asked the Lord what this could possibly be? He spoke to me again:

'THESE ARE THE DEFORMITIES AND IMPURITIES CREATED IN CONFERENCES AND GATHERINGS THAT DO NOT COME TO THE FULL TERM OF MY PURPOSE THAT THEN RESULTS IN THE HARVEST OF SOULS IN THAT REGION. Partial and premature births occur producing deformed destinies and desire. Churches and ministries built on presumption instead of compassion. Principle rather than power. So rather a momentary light is shed in the hearts of those in that city, but never a sustaining force to see the city truly set free and saved.'

Conferences and spiritual gatherings have become machines that produce more money than they produce long term harvest and revival. Cities once abandoned by the conference are the same socially, spiritually, and emotionally. The morale of that city has not changed, the spiritual climate has not changed, and the souls of millions remain unsaved and un-reached. An apostolic authority has yet to be birthed that can sustain true harvest and spiritual revival in that region. And inevitably a spiritual miscarriage takes place. A spiritual rape of the city has occurred creating offense, bitterness and divorce.

The Lord would say to His prophets, I am calling you to sustain life not just propagate it. I am giving you authority over cities and regions to father them and grow them up into the full stature of Christ. I am giving you strength to sustain harvest and revival. I will arrest you with My glory in certain places and cities and you will not be able to leave them to go to another. Obedience will override obligation. I will change your calendars and your itineraries and you will father revival. I will give you great grace and authority over regions and cities, you will stand at the womb of nations and see the water of revival break producing a generation full of grace and truth. Now is the time for full term harvest and revival. Now is the acceptable time, today is the day of salvation.

Chad Taylor
email: chadtaylor@consumingfire.com