A Word for Canada (The Simmering Pot)

(Given in Winthrop Washington in the early part of 1998)

The Lord told me to look toward Canada.

And He said: what do you see? And I said I see a simmering pot. The Lord God spoke to my heart and said that this simmering pot is only barely overflowed. But I say that in this hour this simmering pot is about to be tipped over to the south. It will be tipped over and will literally go out to the south with a power and the presence of God. It will literally go and do a complete circle, from one end of the earth to the other, saith the Lord.

For the simmering pot of my Glory that I have been simmering and placing all the ingredients of my Holy Spirit in is about to be tipped over, says the Lord. I am about to tip you out just as David took the cup of water that the mighty men brought to him and he poured it out upon the earth. So shall I pour out my Glory from you, says the Lord.

This soil, says the Lord, shall be an apostolic prophetic ground. From you shall spring forth the apostolic and prophetic to build My Church in these last days, says the Lord. Even as Elijah was a Tishbite and Paul said I was a Benjamite, so shall we say, ´I am of Canada´. The apostolic and prophetic great utterance of power shall come from this country, says the Lord. For I have ordained it. I have even preserved it for this hour. I´ve preserved this country for this hour, says the Lord.

Canada had been preserved for this last outpouring of My Glory and it shall not be ended. This shall not be a revival that has an ending, says the Lord. The only ending shall be the beginning of the new millennium, the new reign of My Kingdom. There is no ending of this coming revival, says the Lord. There is no ending. It´s not here, then there, then waiting for the next phase. For this revival, says the Lord, shall just keep on going until eternity. The only finish line is eternity, says the Lord. The only finish line to this race is eternity. So lift up your heads that hang down, says the Lord. For this is your hour For this is your hour, says the Lord. This is your hour to run the race, to keep your eyes set on Christ.

Is there any weight of sin that so easily besets you? I have given you the grace to throw it off. I have given you the grace to run like a long distance runner. I have given you the grace and the power of My Spirit to do exploits in this world, says the Lord. This is your hour. This is your hour.

And the simmering pot of My Glory is about to be tipped up. Within this year, it shall begin to tip and as the new year dawns upon you, it shall crash down upon the earth and My Glory shall wash to the south, says the Lord. Across this nation and down into Mexico and South America and all around the world until it comes back in its full circle, says the Lord.

Watch it and see if it will not come to pass. In Jesus Mighty Name!

Chad Taylor  --  www.consumingfire.com