Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California

By Chad Taylor (11-02-00)

I am feeling a genuine stirring for California and the West Coast.  I
believe that the Lord is "connecting the dots" so to speak and
initiating revival and harvest up and down the West Coast.  Alaska,
Washington, Oregon, and California will be "off the Richter Scale" so
to speak in the magnitude and force of God's Spirit in these areas.
It will literally pull down strongholds and imaginations that exalt
themselves against the knowledge of Christ.


I see in the Spirit a revival "fault line" like the San Andreas that
runs through California and up into Alaska.  The Lord is causing
spiritual "earthquakes" that run up and down the West Coast to have
unprecedented magnitude in their impact on the backslidden and
unsaved.  Some of histories greatest earthquakes have occurred on the
West Coast.  (Three in Alaska alone.) God is creating spiritual
"epi-centers" where the focal point of this shaking will take place.
The force of these revivals will be stunning to say the least.


Cities will be connected by these "fault lines."  A shaking will occur
in one city, the aftershocks felt for hundreds-- even thousands of miles
away, and instead of staying in that one spot, another shaking will
occur in a different city or state impacting that region and area.  Up
and down the West Coast the fault lines of revival will begin to shift
and move whole cities being swallowed up in the glory and aftermath.


The heavens and the earth will suffer spiritual violence as harvest
takes preeminence in the land.  The West coast will tremble and quake
from the spiritual force of revival that hits these areas.  The force
of these spiritual earthquakes will literally shake the fruit from the
trees and many will be saved.  Hollywood will be an uncountable
harvest of souls in the coming days.  The magnitude of this move of
God will eclipse the Jesus movement of the 70's and the errors of the
church in that time will not be repeated by the one today.  The youth
and the streets will be reached by the revival that occurs in this

Chad Taylor