The Alaska Alliance

By Chad Taylor (09-06-99)

'Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch forth your curtains of your habitations: SPARE NOT, LENGTHEN YOUR CORDS, AND STRENGTHEN YOUR STAKES..." - (Isa.54:3)

For you are about to break out says the Lord. The destiny I have put in you is dawning. I am strengthening the front lines, I am reinforcing the ranks, you will not break, you will no longer thrust one another!

For I saw a vision over you Alaska. A vision of a valley. In this valley was a myriad of people fighting, battling. Engaging in every kind of revelry. A blur of faces and bodies colliding and slashing with sword and fist devouring one another. Suddenly the fighting ceased as if a fog had been lifted from their minds. They looked from one to the other startled and alarmed. What was so alarming was that they were not engaging the enemy, but each other. Like the army Gideon faced in the valley, 'every man's sword against his fellow...' Rather that fighting the foe that faced them they fought against each other.

The war in this valley was against one another. Slowly their heads lifted heaven-ward and their faces began to shine with revelation. They began to form into ranks and companies, each with a commander and chief, a shepherd. As they began to congregate in rank and order, one by one, each and every shepherd and chief or leader began to circle arm in arm to form a gauntlet of prayer and praise. As they gripped each other arm in arm they began to sing the song of the Lord and worship with one another. A brilliant light began to form over their heads, forming great beams of light that streaked across the sky into the Heavens. Then from Heaven these same lights that were formed from this alliance were unleashed over the darkness of nations. They streaked through the sky piecing the darkness over nation and nations, and many nations. Lightning they were and terrible to the principalities and powers and wickedness that dwelled in high places. In the midst of this circle of prayer and praise between leaders and chiefs God had commanded a blessing. A blessing for the nations of the world.

Another circle had begun to form as this transpired between the leaders. All the ones that had once been fighting and biting one another were now forming a great circle of bodies around their leaders and chiefs. They now all began to sing the song of the Lord and worship together in unity and power. A great shout now erupted from their ranks like a roar. A fire now began to burn at their feet as they praised and prayed together. It arose in waves and began to sweep out from their midst into the land. First to the East, then the to the West, then to the North, and finally to the South, in that order. The fire was the fires of revival and harvest.

A great harvest of souls was commanded as they praised and prayed together in unity. Chief to chief, Christian to Christian, brother to brother, sister to sister, brother to sister. Like a volcano it erupted. A great revival of love for the brethren had begun. And because of this great revival of love, all men 'knew that they were Christians because of the love they had for one another.' Then 'added to the church daily such as should be saved.' Building programs and visions were discarded because they had been to small. Open air meetings spontaneously occurred wherever this great army marched. The Alaskan Alliance was the spearhead of revival to the nations.

This great shout that they had shouted caused the earth to open up and swallow the flood that had been released from the dragons mouth. Great signs and wonders began to be seen in the earth once again. The seas parted and the saints walked on dry ground. They spoke to the rocks and they gave up their water. They commanded the rains and the elements and broke the power of famine and death. All across the earth the saints were marching in one accord and harmony. A great chorus was heard in Heaven. The Bride and the Bridegroom had become one in heart and passion.

A great and awesome place of refuge was formed in this place called Alaska. For now in this season and this time you will become fishers of men. As you have mended and tied your nets in the natural, so will you begin to cast your nets to the nations and surely you will take in a great catch says the Lord. Certainly this is the hour that you will launch out into the deep and trust in Me. I will provide, I will bring the manna, the hidden manna, the treasures out of darkness says the Lord. For I am making now an alliance between city and city, church and church, shepherd to shepherd in Alaska. The walls of division and pride are falling. No longer will you judge your brother nor your sister. The cry of harvest will eclipse the petty jealousies and railings. But you will stand hand in hand in these days that I decree says the Lord. Your alliance will be for a refuge and a light, a Day of Salvation for the whole earth will it accomplish. This Alaska Alliance will spearhead revival says the Lord.

O church of the earth, pray for your sister Alaska, pray, I say pray...

Chad Taylor