A TIME TO REAP (Global Revival)


by Chad Taylor      

'Now I see says the Lord, it is the time of harvest, a time to reap has come upon the whole earth.  A time of fruition and consummation, many will see it and be glad.  Great earthquakes will come, not only in the natural, but it is of the Spirit I speak to you today.  Great Spiritual earthquakes are about to shake the earth.  The garner of harvest will be full, the threshing floor will be shaken.  I will separate the wheat from the chaff says the Lord'  

The Lord then showed me the places that the greatest earthquakes had taken place in the natural, would now be the places of great revival and shaking in this hour, and He said to me, 'THESE ARE THE PLACES THAT I WILL SHAKE TODAY, THEY WILL BE THE EPI-CENTERS OF WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DO ON THE EARTH.  IN THESE PLACES I WILL SHAKE THE EARTH.  THE REPERCUSSIONS WILL BE FELT THROUGHOUT THE NATIONS.  THE GREAT HARVEST IS UPON YOU, THE TIME OF RECONCILIATION AND TRANSFORMATION.'  

I began to research the history of the greatest earthquakes recorded in world history, in accordance to the word of the Lord concerning the coming revivals in these areas and the whole earth, my discoveries were earth shaking!   

1) CHILE- 1960 - 9.5

2) ALASKA- 1964 - 9.2

3) ALASKA- 1957 - 9.1

4) KAMCHATKA- 1952 - 9.0

5) ECUADOR- 1906 - 8.8

6) ALASKA- 1965 - 8.7

7) ASSAM- 1950 - 8.6

8) BANDA SEA- 1938 - 8.5

9) CHILE- 1922 - 8.5

10) KURILES- 1963 - 8.5    

NATHANIEL AND ZECHARIAH   I heard the Lord then say,  'In these places I will now shake the earth.  No historical equation can define what I am about to do.  No book ever written can capture what you will about to see.  For I will now manifest Myself to those that have loved My Father, that have loved Me.  I will now open Heaven like it has never been opened since the beginning of creation.  The Church has been like Nathaniel, now I say to the Church'"BECAUSE I SAID TO YOU, 'I SAW YOU UNDER THE FIG TREE,' DO YOU BELIEVE?  YOU WILL SEE GREATER THINGS THAN THESE, MOST ASSUREDLY I SAY TO YOU , HEREAFTER YOU SHALL SEE HEAVEN OPENED...'"  (John 1:50-51).  

'I am blowing on the whole earth, the great harvest angels are poised for this open Heaven, this great cloud of witnesses now stands to their feet in anticipation says the Lord.  All of creation groans with groanings that cannot be uttered.  My church has been Zechariah, their lips have been sealed because of unbelief, but now they will be loosed with a greater revelation of this visitation.  They will speak these things and the earth will stand in awe.   The winds of Pentecost will come from My mouth says the Lord.  I will blow on the embers of revival and they will burn again.  The old mantels will rise from the graves of the saints.  They will be worn once again.  Not by a few, but an army.  An army "great and strong, the like of whom has never been;  Nor will there ever be any such after them, even for many successive generations..." (Joel 2:2).     


I will visit the widow in her distress.  I will feed the orphan and sit the ones in dunghills with princes.  They will come from a place of obscurity and stand before kings.  For a generation of Esther was born for such a time as this.  They will stand before the Pharaoh and the king and declare My word says the Lord.  They will bring a great deliverance to the earth.  My children will dance in the streets, they will run on the wall, they will bring healing in their wake.  Now is the time for all these things says the Lord!    


Chile, prepare yourself My daughter of destiny.  I have heard the cries of you children, I will now stir Myself with vengeance on the injustice of your little ones.  Alaska, wake up from your place of sleep, the Prince of Peace has come to kiss you!  It is time to stir yourself from you bed chambers and meet Me in the streets!  Arise Alaska!  Let us dance in the streets!  Awake O cities of the earth, the Lord has come to visit you!  He has come with healing in His wings!  He has come with frankincense and Myrrh, the Rose of Sharon is in season My Bride.   "I will rise now,  I said, and go about the city, in the streets and the squares I will seek the One I love..."  (Song of Solomon 3:2).    


You will find Me in this hour in the hi-ways and bi-ways of the nations says the Lord.  No longer will you find Me in your cathedrals and temples, you will find Me in the streets and the hedges says the Lord.  You will find Me in the hidden places, and the places of the simple and the broken.  If you desire Me My love!  Come and find Me!  Come and find Me says the Lord!     


I am putting color on the canvas of revival says the Lord.  Where there is minority I will move powerfully.   I will use the simple and the ignorant, I will defy the great minds with the miracles they do.  Like Stephen, they will not be able to gainsay or resist the words they speak.  With the halt and the lame I will cause the deep things to be revealed.   With the prisoner and the prostitute I will now open the gates of Heaven.  I will pour out a blessing they cannot contain.  These diamonds in the rough will now shine brighter than the sun says the Lord.  They will now shine in My glory says the Lord.    


My church will now visit the Mount of Transfiguration, they will now be transformed by My glory and power.  The world will run to the brightness of their rising.  Kings will come to this light.  Those in mental wards and insane asylums will have the 'eyes of their understanding enlightened they will rise as a great army in these coming days, minds darkened by the curses of many generations, will now shine with clarity and vision says the Lord.  Watch and see says the Lord, watch and see...    


The time of harvest is upon you, 'wake up your mighty ones' stir yourselves up, 'do not entangle yourselves with the affairs of this life, that you may please Him who has called you as a soldier.' Prepare your house, I am about to visit you suddenly says the Lord.  Prepare your altars, the Spirit of the Most High is going to visit them.  The Spirit of the Most High will kindle a fire on your altars, and the lost and the desperate will come.  They will tear up the roofs of religion and ritual and lower down the sick and the lame.    GET READY SAYS THE LORD!  YOUR DAY OF VISITATION HAS COME!  THE TIME OF TRANSFORMATION AND TRANSFIGURATION!  THIS IS YOUR GREATEST HOUR SAYS THE LORD, THIS IS YOUR GREATEST HOUR...    

Chad Taylor
Feb. 21st, 2000