Anchorage Explodes!

By Chad Taylor (05-08-00)

Note from Steve Shultz, Publisher, THE ELIJAH LIST

Chad Taylor (many of whose words have been posted on the
him on the streets of Portland, when he would say, "Stop the
car" so he could speak words of kindness to a person. I've been
with him in McDonalds when his goal was more to find someone to
share Christ with than eat his own lunch. Chad is not talk---
He's action! Please keep that in mind when you read
this report. Chad is a forerunner and an example to the entire
Body of Christ. Please spread this testimony to all who are
interested in the Harvest--who want to see it become a reality!!
---Steve Shultz, THE ELIJAH LIST

-  A Word through Chad Taylor


I am compelled by the Spirit of Lord to share this awesome explosion
of Jesus on the streets of Anchorage last night! I know this a
prophetic statement of the spiritual confrontations that we are
experiencing and are about to engage in, and the imminent victory
looming over the Church!  Sit back and get ready! 

Every Friday multiple youth groups and churches meet downtown
Anchorage for evangelism training and prayer at a small Christian
book store located in the center of the local bus terminal. A Mecca
of activity, the homeless, dozens of teens, business men returning
home from work etc. etc.  From 7:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. we worship and
pray, then I proceed to do some activation and training from about 8
to 8:30.  At 8:30 we open the doors to the public bus terminal and
the youth from the streets begin to stream into the book store, as
well as others from every walk of life.  Teams of Christians are
released as well into the area.

Last night it was moving as usual, Craig Hyder, a local youth pastor
playing his guitar, the sound of worship filling the air.  I saw a
man standing outside the entrance to the book store listening, I
stepped out and invited him in.  As I was talking to this man, a
fight broke out on the sidewalk outside, I immediately rushed toward
the altercation.  I stepped out from the main doors of the bus
terminal directly in the line of fire! I began to loudly declare
Jesus, within seconds the fight ceased.  A huge crowd of youth had
gathered to watch the spectacle. 


The boldness of the Lord came upon me like a fire!  I began to
confront the crowd of youth and preach and declare the love of Jesus
Christ.  Suddenly choruses of "Satan! Satan!"  Could be heard.  Then
from the crowd a young man jumped out at me, threatening and
screaming at me!  I looked him in the eye and simply said, "Jesus
loves you."  He screamed louder, more aggressive. Taunting and
mocking the Lord.  Suddenly, and just as unexpectedly, a young native
boy ran up to us, and began shouting, "JESUS IS REAL!  JESUS IS
REAL!"  In a blink of an eye the crowd had turned from God haters to
confessing Him as Lord and Savior!  You could hear chants of Jesus
from the crowd.

Finally another Christian from the group inside came out, I said,
"Get on your knees right here brother and lets release the GLORY!" 
We both got on our knees right there in the main thoroughfare in
downtown Anchorage and began to boldly release His glory and grace!
Another large crowd had gathered as we lifted our hands and prayed
prostrate on the concrete!  I looked up and saw three genuine witches
hovering near us.  One began to prophecy to me!  He kept
repeating, "you have been through much, you have done the things you
are saying..."  At this moment we got off of our knees and began to
share His great grace! 


At least 40 kids had gathered at this time to listen.  The witches
began to press us with questions like, "Your people have been hunting
and killing us for generations, and you say God loves us?" I looked
the leader in the eye and said, "Nobody is condemning you today,
Jesus loves you."  His adamant argument was that the devil was not
real, that they did not believe in the devil or evil.  The Lord gave
me a wisdom to reply, I told him that in any warfare the greatest
strategy or tactic of the enemy or foe is to make his presence
secret.  I told him that Satan was on his shoulder and he didn't even
know it.  He was stunned and speechless.

As more people gathered five police men suddenly came on the scene. 
They were at the fringes of the crowd watching.  The main cop on the
beat began to pray for us!  He was a born again Christian!  They
stood and watched and prayed!  GOD EXPLODED ON THE STREETS OF


One of the most heart wrenching episodes was a little girl no more
than sixteen years old, she looked at me with all the feeling she
could muster and said, "I am a lesbian, does God still love me?!"  Oh
God!  I looked at her with tears and told her very plainly that God
most assuredly did love her, enough to die and spill his precious
blood.  For an hour the crowd of youth pressed upon us with difficult
questions concerning God and Jesus.  Questions they have been longing
to ask but not able.  Usually not finding someone to answer them. 
Later the police man gathered with a group of us from the book store
and agreed that the powers of darkness to be bound and gagged.  God's
natural and spiritual authority was released, and the demons arrested!

O Church!  The love of God is bleeding for the hearts of these
children!  Like Lamentations 2:19, "Pour out your hearts like water
for the life of your young children that faint for hunger at the top
of every street..."  They are dying and hungry!  Anxiously waiting
for someone to answer their hard pressed questions!  The Satanist and
sorcerers like in Acts chp. 8 are just waiting for a demonstration of
something, SOMEONE greater than the deceptions that hold them


They need a DEMONSTRATION of His grace and power!  "When they SAW AND
HEARD the miracles which Phillip did..."  the whole city of Samaria
turned their hearts to Jesus!  God's Philips are poised to invade
Samaria in this hour! From Jerusalem (The church) they are going to
rise up like a rushing mighty wind and invade every Samaria, (The
world).  And the power that they release will eclipse the false fake
light of the enemy. And the captives by the billions will be set free
to pursue the Most High God! 

I pray even now as you read this report that the Spirit of the Lord
of the Harvest would fall upon you and captivate your heart and
spirit with the urgency of the hour.  That you would "redeem the time
for the days are evil".  And blaze a trail of revival and reformation
through the streets and cities of America and the world. O God, Lord
Saboath, fall now upon your people and like a kindling, burn them
with your holy desire and consuming fire for the broken and
destitute.  Show them the revelation that this "great and mighty
army" are waiting to be summoned and mobilized on the streets and bi-
ways of America.  Cause your Philips, your Miriam's, your Deborah's,
your Pails and Peters to awake at this critical mass, and do
exploits!  Cause them to "launch out into the deep and take in a
great catch".  BREATH ON YOUR CHILDREN EVEN NOW LORD!  Quicken them
with visions and dreams of harvest!  In Jesus Mighty name, Amen.

Chad Taylor