A Celebration!

By Chad Taylor


(Chad Taylor speaking what God told him about the dancing and worship we did at Feast of Tabernacles Conference on 10/8/98)

He’s been asking me for quite a few days now, "Chad, do you see something in this dance?" So I got in the middle of it, like I should, and the Lord gave me an interpretation, at least part of it, of just what’s taking place in the natural and what’s taking place in the spirit.

The Lord quickened me to the verse in Joel. The bridegroom is leaving his chambers and the Bride her closet. The reason the bride’s in the closet - she’s making herself ready. She’s getting dressed. She’s making herself ready to come out of that closet and meet the bridegroom, and this is the celebration of that. We’re celebrating the "coming out" you might say, and meeting - a wedding feast. That’s a celebration time. And that’s what’s happening in the spirit - a celebration.

The second part of that is the celebration of the returning son. Listen to this one. This one’s important. This is a celebration of the returning son to the Father. When the prodigal came home there was a celebration - the fatted calf - and they threw a party. The prodigal’s coming back. God’s calling them in. This dance and these cries, these songs, they’re making a sound out here. It’s going out into the land, and it’s calling the prodigal home. It’s calling God’s children home. And they’re getting stirred. They’re in the pig pen of this world, and they’re getting stirred. They’re getting anxious and restless. And they’re hearing a celebration call. They’re hearing some music. They’re hearing some dance. And they’re saying, "Man, there’s a lot more in my Father’s house than out here." And they’re coming home, and it’s the celebration. The return of the prodigal and the backslidden. The celebration.

And the Lord spoke to my heart he’s returning his people from captivity.   They’re taking the instruments off the willow trees that they hung up there.   They hung them up there in captivity, and God’s returning us from our captivity. He’s giving us back liberty and freedom to worship him, and it’s a celebration of liberty. We’re taking down our instruments off of the trees we hung them on so long ago and playing them again. And playing them again. So, it’s a celebration. So many different ways of celebrating.

And the fourth thing God spoke to my heart was, "Chad, see this area right here where they’re dancing? This is going to be the city streets. Downtown Seattle, downtown Spokane, LA, New York, Minneapolis … I don’t care (what cities you name) …Drain, Salt Lake City. This is going to be the streets of this country." It’s going to break out, and God’s people are going to be filled with the joy of the Lord. They’ll be dancing in the streets. Mardi Gras for Jesus. They’re going to be celebrating the soon coming of the Lord. It’s going to be all over the streets. It’s going to break out of these walls - any walls that we have - natural or supernatural. It’s going to pour out into the streets, and they’re going to be dancing for celebration because they have liberty and they’re finally satisfied in their heart. And that’s what’s going to take place.

This is a demonstration of what’s going to happen all over the streets of America. And maybe in some sense, it’s already happened. But it’s going to happen all over the streets of this country. It’s going to be a celebration time. People are returning home to the Father. It’s going to be a celebration time, and we’re just demonstrating - God’s demonstrating it through us right here, what’s going to take place out in the streets of this country because God’s visiting us.

Amen. Glory.

Chad Taylor
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