Cities of America, My Grace is Upon You

By Chad Taylor


ďAnd another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel's hand.  And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake.Ē  (Rev 8:3-5).


Cities of America My grace is upon you.  I have seen your torment and I have seen your pain.  I have seen the smoke of your suffering and as a remembrance it has come up before Me.  For the measure of pain that you have endured, I will pour out blessing.  Your crops shall prosper and your water supply will not run dry.  I will increase your territory and your land will bring forth its fruit.  I will put to shame the prophets of doom who only see the evil in the land and not the good.  They are like the ones in the wilderness who complained and murmured.  They are never satisfied though I feed the well.  They see images of judgment and wrath, when I have shown them a way of escape.  I will make a way of escape says the Lord, I will make a way of escape.





I say to you Chicago, you will burn with My holy fire.  You will be a city upon a hill that cannot be hid.  I will impact your underground and your mafia families.  I will take the orphans of the streets and make them citizens of Heaven.  The seeds D.L. Moody planted deep in your heart Chicago, will now spring forth into revival fruit.  Their labor was not in vain.  I will protect your borders and strengthen your tent stakes.  I will bring the former and latter rain. 





St. Louis I will loose My Spirit upon you.  A great wealth will be distributed to you for outreach and charity.  Many ministries and churches shall prosper within your borders.  You shall become a base of operation for world missions.  From the fertile ground of your soil will come revival to the uttermost parts of the earth.  You will be a model of inter-racial unity.  From that position I will command a blessing.  I will command a blessing.





City of the South, in this hour I will excavate the gold of revival in you.  I will find the treasures hidden in the fields of your city and draw them out of darkness.  New Orleans you will be My crown in this hour.  The jewels that will adorn it will be the souls of your children.  I say this to you New Orleans, come together as one, lay down your agendas for the Son, so this great work can be done.  So My great work can be done.





I will pour out My power on Portland.  She will taste the goodness of the Lord in this hour.  You will be a crossroads of revival.  Many will come from the four corners of the earth to you.  They will feed from the banquet table of revival that I will set in your midst.  I will set a table for you in the midst of your enemies and many shall be converted.  Many shall be converted.





A season is changing in Seattle.   You have had your winter, summer will now come upon you.  A time of great harvest and reaping.  I will touch your business sector with My glory.  I will turn the hearts of the wealthy to the heart of the Father.  Like the kings at the manger they will come with their gold and lay it at My feet.  They will seek first the Kingdom of God and I will set them free.





Miami, there is a fire in you.  What if it is already kindled?  I am blowing on your borders, I am blowing on your borders.  I am stoking the coals of revival in you.  It will start on your streets, your housing projects and poverty stricken areas.  Watch and see Miami, watch and see.





The barriers between black and white are being pulled down in this hour.  The walls of prejudice between North and South are coming down.  I will give you a united front Washington D.C.  As you look to Me I will set your captives free.  I will give you the grace to continue in My liberty.  From you will echo the sounds of revival.  From you laws and legislation shall reflect righteousness and My heart says the Lord.  From you the oil of unity will flow.  The oil of unity will flow.  Psalm 133 Washington D.C., Psalm 133.





I will blow upon San Francisco.  Until every soul knows, I am Lord.  I am moving upon Polk Street.  I will draw the deceived to Me.  I will open their hearts like I opened the grave of Lazarus.  And though they stink in their sin, I will bring them in, to sit at My feet.  They will wash my feet with their tears, and dry it with their hair.  Your time is near San Francisco.  The time of your visitation is near. 





Phoenix you will rise from the desert in this hour.  The day of your deliverance is at hand.  I will cause your children to stand.  I will empower you to possess the land.  You will be My South-West base of revival operations says the Lord, from your camp will come My orders and commands.  An apostolic headquarters and command post. 




You will be a place of strategy and war counsel.  I will open your eyes to the greater host that surrounds this country.  More are with you than against you America.  More are with you than against you.  There is prophetic river in Albuquerque, it will bring life to the deserted places and fill the valleys with My glory.  You will see Me Albuquerque.  You will see Me.





Minneapolis is my Northern command post and base of revival operations.  From this place they will network and inter-connect My church.  They will move in a creative flow that produces wealth for My kingdom.  They will be called enablers and a repairer says the Lord, enablers and repairers of the breach.





You are at a crossroads Atlanta.  Now is the time you must cast your nets on the other side.  You must begin to take risks with that which I have given you.  If you dare to stand with your brother in this hour you will take in a great catch. You will take in a great catch.





I will breath upon the dry bones of Boise.  In this treasure valley are many bones.  The ashes of past defeats.  But from these ashes an army will rise to their feet.  A prophetic song will come from Boise that will shake the nations.  From this place a great light will shine.  A great light will shine.  Boise you are Mine.





I am about to surprise Salt Lake.  The wide valley of decision will fill up with My glory.  Millions in the valley of decision says the Lord, millions in the valley of decisions.  Now many will begin to decide.  They will choose this day to serve the Lord.  Many will be on the Lordís side, many will be on the Lordís side. 





My anchor of hope is in Alaska.  In this hour the country will look to you four solace and supply.  You will be a bright light in the midnight sky.  Many will come to your borders to feed, many will come to your city to sit at My feet.  The ancient prophecies over you are about to come to pass, they are about to come to pass.





You have tasted tragedy, now you will taste My glory.  I will pour out My Spirit upon your sons and daughters and they will prophecy.  From your borders will come a song of deliverance.  Many will see it and be glad.  My authority will shift to you in this hour.  My government authority shall rest upon you. 





A great light has been seen.  A great light of intercession.  New York you will become the intercession capitol of the world.  From you the greatest move of intercession the earth has ever witnessed will come.  Not just for a moment, but for years to come.  The light of your intercession will open the doors of salvation to the uttermost parts of the earth.  From your borders an army of intercessors shall march.  An army of intercessors shall march. 




The historical cry of revival in you will be sounded out again.  The healing waters will flow from you in this hour.  The rivers of living water will begin to flood the land.  The icebergs of indifference that have immobilized you I will now melt.  The curses of poverty I will break and the My blessings shall overtake you.  My blessings will overtake you. 




ďI know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.  (Rev 3:8).  I will pour out My strength to you in this hour.  You will be able to do all things in My strength.  I will strengthen your commerce and trade.  I will restore what the locusts have devoured.  I will remove the plague of unemployment and your people shall prosper.  Your people shall prosper.

I say to you cities of America.  My light will be seen upon you.  I will extend your influence into the nations.  Many will come to you for salvation.  Where sin has abounded, My grace will much more abound in this hour.  To those forgiven little they love little.  I will show you America the height and the width, the depth and length of My love.  I will sound out the deep of My love for you in this hour.  Let no man despise your youth.  I will renew your strength America.  I will renew your strength and you will rise up on wings like an eagle.  You will run and not be weary, walk and not faint.  I will show you My face.  When others prophesy your demise, around your borders the glory of the Lord shall arise.  Psalm 91 will be your song in the night America.  Psalm 91 shall be your song.

Chad Taylor
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