by Chad Taylor 


(This word was originally released on Nov. 5, 2010 during the Revivalists Come Forth Conference in Mentor, Ohio outside of Cleveland, it was recorded live and written here as it was spoken. Chad is ministering in Cleveland, OH again this weekend see below for more info.)


I believe the cities of the northern hemisphere are suffering much because they said “I will” and did not. I believe there was a time—and I'm speaking this by prophecy—I believe there was a time in the forties and fifties that revival came and introduced itself. Revival comes to introduce itself, see? It might have a name like Maria Woodworth-Etter. Revival comes and says, “hi.” “Will you follow?” And I believe that this hemisphere, this region, said “I will,” and never did. I believe that God came about fifty, sixty years ago. And He said, “Here, I want to make you something, man. I want to make you. I want to give you revival. I want to give you the nations. I want to make you a church and a legacy and a posterity that will live forever.


Somewhere between point A and point B we missed something. Something defaulted back to Egypt. And this area has been going in circles, 'round and 'round the same mountain.


Well, I hear the voice of the Lord saying tonight, "One more time. One more time. I'm going to meet you there. I'm going to meet you there and lead you out. I'm going to meet you there, right there where you have been before. One more time. Cleveland, one more time. Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, one more time. “I will not” is about to become “I do.”




I hear the Lord saying, these cities, this northern hemisphere, is the eleventh-hour church. (Matt. 20:6). That's who they are. Other cities have been working all day. But God says, now watch. I'm going to hire you now. And I'm going to pay you the same wage as those that have been listening and doing for years and decades. In other words, the fifty years you've lost, you'll regain. God's about to redeem the time.


All the absence of charity. All of the absence of God's welfare, all of the absence of those that should have been going, but didn't—God's going to redeem in days and weeks and months—even a year—God will bring it all full circle.


And the reproach, the reproach of Pittsburgh, the reproach of the steel belt, the reproach of these regions is going to come off of you. It's going to roll right off of you. And the manna is going to cease. See, that's what we have to—really, that's going to be the most difficult thing that we have been eating. And it's been from God. Don't you know about this hidden manna? That was just your survival pack. Manna is just to get you through, dude. Manna is just your survival pack. But I want you to cross over and receive the promises that he gave this city fifty years ago.




I see something happened downtown. Some research—something happened in the fifties—downtown in Cleveland. Revival came to this city. Someone, someone in a tent came. Someone preached the Word. Someone brought the Word of the Lord to this city, and it was received, but it was like Ezekiel. It says in Ezekiel that they come to you to hear the Word like someone who speaks flatteringly and plays good at an instrument. They come to hear you, but then not do it. And later when it comes to pass, they say, surely a prophet is amongst you. That's what happened. They came and they heard. They were flattered. They patted him on the back and said, “Come on back. Thank you.” They never heard the Word. They never heeded the Word of the Lord. (Ezekiel 33:30-33)


God says, now fifty years has come to an end. What was meant for them is meant for now. The disobedience and unbelief come falling down. There's a dynamic in what's happened. We haven't figured it out. There was a dynamic in the people—a dynamic is a two-edged sword.




God's going to revive this city. Ohio city, God's going to revive you again. (Ohio City was the original name of Cleveland in its origins). Things that were meant for you fifty, sixty years ago—forty years. And the corruption, the slight-of-hand, things that were done in secret by people that were called righteous that were voted in to leadership, voted in to place, they were in corruption, and they forfeited, and they—a few—gave up the liberty of many. A few gave up the liberty for many. And a decline came, a mark against the city. A mark—it was in newspapers. I can see old newspapers where headline news talked of the corruption, talked of the revealing of corruption and a mayor, a mayor, a mayor and some city council lost their seats to corruption. That mark's been against this city hurt forty-five, fifty years. My Lord.


Now the Lords says, I'm going to reinstate those seats in righteousness. Where the devil has forbidden God to move by these legalities, I'm saying, God's going to restore. I hear the Lord saying, look at the end of Job. Look at the end of Job. His end was double what he lost. And I hear the Lord saying there's going to be a double portion for the loss, for the forfeiture, the things that were taken from you. A few took the legacy and the inheritance from many. And now God is going to reinstate, reinstate, reinstate, reinstate, reinstate, reinstate, reinstate, reinstate Cleveland. Cleveland... Cleveland...

It's a city in mourning. A city in mourning. It's been crying over one man, but God says, in place of that one man, I'm going to give you a real King. In place of that king, I want to give you a real King. And that vacancy, that vacuum, that one man left, one man will fill. My God. It's not Lebron James. It's King Jesus. It's Jesus!




I heard a word of knowledge for this city—a word of wisdom. One king's left. Well, another king's a-comin' now. He's the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And His face you'll see on the billboards. His fame will be spread abroad. His name will be lifted up. And that vacancy will be filled.


See, there was no room at the inn, Melinda (Pastor Melinda Bauman). There's room at the inn now. There's room in this city for Jesus now. And God says, watch, I'll smile down upon your people. Even those at the sporting arenas, I'll smile down upon them. I'll make champions out of them—God's champions. God's Davids.


I see legislation for schools. Something's going to change—something very subtle the enemy has passed. Something very subtle the enemy has brought in to existence, under wraps. It's been unseen. The enemy has sowed a seed. It's like the tares in the nighttime. You wake up, and there something was sown. The Lord says, it's time to take up some tares. That's what the Bible says. It says, the tares are taken up first, the Bible says. You better reread that whole scripture. The Bible says that they both grow together until the harvest. Well, guess what, folks? It's the harvest. So tares are being brought up now. Laws that have been made. Things that have been forfeited. All the tares are being brought up now. Tares all over this country are being torn up. The harvest is come—a dispensation, a harvest. Harvest, man. Harvest, the fullness.




That's what's Pentecost was. Harvest—Pentecost was the fullness of the barley harvest. Hallelujah. And in the fullness of harvest, man, the tares start. Listen to me. That false tares is a Greek word called, "darnell". If you read the Amplified Bible, they don't even use tares; it says, darnell. It's a false wheat. You cannot distinguish the two until they come to fruition into maturation in the harvest time. You know how you can tell the two from wheat? The true wheat for harvest are bent down low. The darnell, or the fake wheat, stands straight up. Right now, there's a bending. Right now, there's a bending.


God's bending many of you low right now, and you think it's a burden or something bad. No. Bend, baby, bend, so the harvest can come. Tares are being taken up now. What comes almost simultaneously to them? Harvest. Harvest like you've never seen, man. You've never seen. Eye has not seen, nor ear has not heard, or entered into the heart of man. That's why I'm leaving my doctrine behind, because my eyes never saw it; my ears never heard it; my heart has never conceived it—what God has in store for us that love him.


And this present suffering is not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed. Suffering is just the bringing down of the old, so you can cut those tares out.


So, Father, we thank you right now for the word for this city. The word for this city—fifty years of ruin. Fifty years of barrenness. Fifty years, Father, of forgetfulness. Fifty years of disobedience—being washed away in a day. My God! I don't know if it's today, but it's washed away in a day. One day.

Where these tares that were sown in the academic world—look up. Look up. Look up. I'm telling you, this economic crunch in America is just to get us lower. That's all it is. He's just bending us down just a little bit lower. Come on. And He'll take up those tares. And then all of a sudden, He'll raise you up. Rise and shine for the glory of your light has come.


When darkness covers the earth and covers the people, the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee, and the Kings and Gentiles will come to the brightness of its rising.


So, Father, raise up this city. Lift up the hands that hang down. Strengthen the feeble knees that that which is lame is not turned away, but rather, it's healed. Heal it, Lord.


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