Countdown To Take Off! (A word to Alaska Part 1)

by Chad Taylor (01-17-99)

It is countdown to take off in your place of habitation! You will break out on your right hand and your left. Even now the tent stakes are being strengthened and the place of your habitations are expanding. You have slept and now it is time to arise. You have slumbered and now the light of the glory of My appearing is rising upon you, now the whole earth shall see it's coming. I have hidden you, now is the time of your unveiling. I have held you back, now it is time to be first. I have whispered in your ear, now it is time to shout it from the roof tops. The Lord has spoke, who can but prophecy? It is time, it is time to arise and go, O Alaska, it is your time for you to know, your destiny. I have ordained you to be a voice as one crying to the nations, "PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORD! MAKE HIS PATHS STRAIGHT!" You will be as Joshua, strong and of great courage possessing the land.

You were birthed in struggle. You were made strong in travail. Now a child is born to the earth, a child of destiny and prophecy. One of purpose and strength. One who will be the head and not the tail. Who will triumph and not fail. Now is your time to prevail. You have stored up, even as Joseph stored up. You will be a storehouse to this nation when its garners are empty and its threshing floors are bare. You will be her welfare. America will look to you as a ship that is cast to and fro would look for the light of the lighthouse in the darkest of night. You will be a light. As Philippians 2:15 you will be a light. You will fight as David for her salvation. You will cry as the watchman cries, "IS THERE NOT A CAUSE!?!" You will be a hedge between Me and this nation. I have called you to intercede.

As Abraham you will stand in the gap. You will be a standard against the accuser of the brethren, I will show you what it means to lay down your lives for your brother. I will show you My sacrificial love. 1st Corinthians 13 will be your creed. They will know that you represent Me. All the world will see. Presidents and princes shall visit your shores and inland cities this year 1999. I will esteem you highly in this season of harvest. You have been humbled, your due time has come. I will hold back the hand of the devourer that would desire to sift you as wheat. I will fight for thee! I will take up buckler and shield for thee! Goliath will fall!

Your children shall be blessed. Reform in education shall be made for your good in this year 1999. Referendum and reformation shall take place in every arena of education and government. Your children shall be blessed.

The hearts of the those that lead the flock will come together under one banner. They will see each other through My eyes says the Lord. From that place of unity and peace will I command a blessing of prosperity and power that will carry you into the nations of the earth. As in Jerusalem you will be in one accord and prayer. I will visit you suddenly.

The hearts of the father's shall turn to their children. A revival in relationships shall take place within your borders. Teen pregnancy will sharply drop. The children will return to their first love says the Most High God. Suicide will no longer be a plague in your cities, life will abound and prosper. There will be joy in the city! The homes that have laid desolate you will hear singing and dancing! I will kill the fatted calf for My son Alaska! For he was dead but now he lives! He was lost but now he is found!

Taking the streets to the church
and compelling them to go out...

Chad Taylor 1/17/99