A Word for England

By Chad Taylor

From the ground of this place will come a river.  Like Jacob's well there will come a river.  From this place the fountains of the deep will be broken up.  From this place a revival will be initiated.    I see the youth gathering as well.  A great army of youth  mobilized in the days ahead.  A great shaking will take place amongst these youth.  I see a group of youth participating in this upcoming event.  They stand in proxy for a generation. 

  For I will move from this place says the Lord as a rushing mighty wind.  And the dry bones shall rattle and move.  For from this place will come a mighty wind that will stir the dry bones of revival in England.  For in this hour says the Lord, I will bring the bones together, and this great army will march again.   The influence of this wind will be felt from the villages to the parliament.  Every eye will see and every knee will bow says the Lord.   

I see a fire.  A fire of revival sweeping the hi-ways and bi-ways of England.   A great revival of prayer and devotion to the Most High God.  They are meeting in barns and mansions seeking the face of God.  Seeking the heart of the Father for a generation.    Reconciliation between two groups. 

Two religious groups.  A great reconciliation and reformation in their thinking and approach to one another.  Like Jacob and Esau, a great reconciliation is in the land.  Dignitaries from each group will stand with one another in one accord, in one accord for a generation.  

Prophesy to the wind then says the Lord!  Prophesy to the wind of My Spirit and see if I will not answer you with the first and latter rain!  See if I will not stir the waters and the lame will walk and the blind will see.  See if I will not answer with fire and burn up the high ground and the idols that sit there.  See if I will not provoke an army of youth to march your streets with revival fires in their mouth.  See if I will not do all this and more says the Lord!   

Chad Taylor