Georgia on My Mind

By Chad Taylor

"How precious are also are Your thoughts toward me, O God! How great are the sum of them!" (Psalm 139:17).

Your prayers have come as a remembrance before Me O Georgia. That which has been disdained and overlooked I will now pour out My Spirit. You have been as a Joseph to Me, one despised by his brothers, but now highly esteemed among all. I will lay a mantle of many colors upon you. You will be a forerunner for racial unity and reformation. I will give you a hammer of My grace to tear down the wall of division and discord.

I will reform your schools and your laws. My face will be seen again in your public places and public schools. You will lead the way in this religious reformation in legislation and law. In Georgia a precedence will be set that will turn the heart of a nation. From you O Georgia will come a president. I will put My words in his heart. He will strive with Me as Jacob did and will receive a blessing. He will lead My people in righteousness.

Georgia will be a prophetic epi-centre. The eye of the storm of My glory. An apostolic staging area. I will launch your children into the nations; the uttermost parts of the earth. I will cast the mountains of shame and guilt into the sea of destiny. You will see Me. Atlanta will burn now with a new flame, a new fire. One that burns with My desire. From her will come a company of revivalists and restorers. They will raise up a generation from the desolation of civil and religious wars. The flag of peace will fly over thee O Georgia. Your destiny is rising from the ashes of defeat.

I will sweep from East to West in Georgia. From the East will come a fire, and from the West a wind. With these two elements I will sweep the land in My glory. End time alliances will now be positioned for harvest. I will connect the hearts and ministries in Georgia to one another. No longer with they be segregated and separated. They will walk and sail together. Tethered to My heart as one. I will unite East with west and the nation will confess My name. A three-fold cord that cannot be broken.

Georgia is a Rachel to Me. I have heard her mourning for her children, but I say to you O Rachel, cease from weeping, and stop your eyes from tears. I will restore the years that the locust have devoured. I will raise up the widow's son. Now the greater works shall be done. A great light will be seen burning over you. Rising and shining, the glory of the Lord. This the day of your showing forth. The threshing floor shall be full. My fire will burn in you.

Chad Taylor
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