A Word for Germany
Chad Taylor

A Word for Germany

We stand with you for the heart of Germany to be set free under the weight of His glory. It will start with Germany's youth. Watch the youth with great care, for from their ranks will come revival says the Lord. For from the hearts of the youth will come a cry for holy justice and reformation. They will take the Message of His great love to the streets, great public meetings will take place in the most unusual places. As the youth and the people of Germany arise to shine. Open air meetings will bring in thousands to His Kingdom.

Signs and wonders will explode in your midst as I declare these things says the Lord. I will put My people in high places as I did Joseph in Egypt. They will rule with My hand and quit the hand of the enemy. Prepare yourself O church of Germany for a great shaking. I will shake all of your traditions, and only the branches that bear fruit will remain. The rest will I cast into the fire to be burned. For in this hour the children shall lead them, and a child shall feed them.

I will give you an ally that you thought would never stand with you. They will stand with you and stay the hand of darkness. The anti-christ spirit that has reigned in you will now stumble and falter. Your prayers and intercessions will route the enemies advances. Great intercession will be heard from Germany in this hour. From this soil I will cause the hordes of hell to be scattered for a season. From this ancient place I will cause my intercessors and prophets to declare a nations destiny. From Germany great mountains will be cast into the sea says the Lord.  From Germany reformation will sweep the land. For in this hour old mantles that once roused the youth from their slumber will walk the land again. Ones steeped in tradition and ritual will burn with a heavenly zeal that will cause a nation to shake and tremble.

Prepare yourself O remnant of Germany! Your diligence is about to be rewarded! Your prayers even now are setting a holy standard against the flood of wickedness. A great voice will rise up in your political arena, one that will speak my heart, My mind. Like a John the Baptist it will shine for a moment to break open the hearts of many. This will ignite a revaluation says the Lord. The winds of revival will blow in the streets of Germany says the Lord. The winds of revival will blow in the streets of Germany again. And the dry bones of the slain of Israel shall assemble to march into the land. They will come together and I will breath life into them, a great and mighty army says the Lord.

I will assemble the saints in your borders. They will come from all corners of the earth to rally for revival. A bridge of revival will be built between Germany and the United States.  Many ministries will hear the call to Germany to stage large gatherings and conference. To equip and mobilize this great army. A great bridge of revival will span the Atlantic ocean and the anointing will come to and fro. A cross pollination between nations will occur.  I will secure your borders. Ireland and Scotland will be in the line of fire between this great bridge of revival. Many will go to Ireland and Scotland then Europe and Germany. I will open 'a great door of utterance' and they will come to stand in it's fire.

Now is your day of visitation. I will avenge the blood of the fallen with the souls of the living. I will give you souls says the Lord. A great harvest, a great catch is upon you O Europe. Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, and France. From Germany this shaking will be felt. I will upset the ancient high places, and I will give you the high places says the Lord. Like Daniel, I will give you the high places. For now is your day of visitation.

Chad Taylor
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