A Word to Idaho
By Chad Taylor
 I see a bridge of revival being built from Boise to Idaho Falls, from city to city and state to state.  God is about to explode in your area.  It will be beyond human and even "spiritual" expectations and it will happen at an accelerated speed.  God is about to accelerate the call and purpose of God in your area.
Like Gideon the methods of warfare will be unconventional and untraditional.  Through broken vessels this war will be won and the giants defeated.  Not through tested means and manuals, but through radical love and obedience to the Spirit of Christ.  Spontaneity will be a key to this revival as people just DO instead of just THINK.  Through the foolish My will will be accomplished in this hour says the Lord.
I will link the hi-ways of Idaho together, from city to city and region to region I will knit them together in love.  I will remove the ancient obstacles of division and debate and those all around you will know that you are Christians by the love you have for one another.  My love will explode from your heart to challenge the principalities of human religion and tradition.  The principality of humanism will be toppled in this hour says the Lord.  My glory will take its place.  My glory will take its place.

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Even as I write this I see the faces of your children Idaho.  I see their countenance and the glory of the Lord in their faces.  I hear the Lord say, I will be a shining light in the wilderness of religion in Idaho and the hearts of the youth will be My torch.  I will blaze throuth them, they will be called TRAILBLAZERS as they blaze revival through the Pacific Northwest.  I say to you O church, accommodate my children, give them precedence and I will give you My heart.
I see the streets of Idaho, from Boise to Coeur d' Alene, Sandpoint to Blackfoot, My fire will burn in you.  My fire will light up your city streets as the sounds of salvation resound in you.  The writing on the wall will read, "THIS IS THE DAY OF SALVATION."  In your prisons and institutions this light will be seen as well.  In the hearts of the hardened you will see My face.  For in this hour the high places and those things that have exalted themselves against My name will come down.  A hiway will seen in the desert preparing the way of the Lord.
O Idaho!  Prepare your hearts for a flood!  I am releasing the flood gates of revival and reformation.  The river of My presence will break the banks and flood the land.  To the highest places of authority to the lowest places of decadence My name will be revered.  Every knee will bow and every tongue confess in this hour that I am Lord!  Every eye will see My glory as My presence fills your hearts.  The demon of division will lose his foothold as My love overcomes you.  The banner of prejudice and segregation will be replaced with the banner of My love says the Lord, the banner of My love. 
Chad Taylor
Email: info@consumingfire.com
Lamentations 2:18-19