By Chad Taylor

For I see an invasion in Indiana.  An invasion of righteousness.  An
invasion of truth and revival.  Even as the corn comes into fruition this
next year, so shall My purposes come into fruition in you Indiana.  I will
renew your strength and bring refreshing from My presence.

Even this next year you shall prosper.  I will show you an abundance and a
latter rain.  Your children will be heard singing and praising My name.
They will return from the fields as David, dancing with all their might.  I
will give them the first fruits of revival and renewal.  They will run and
not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

I will reveal My heart within your borders, a place of refuge, a place of
strength.  Prosperity is written above your doorposts O Indiana.  Prosperity
is written on your doorposts.  You will be the lender not the debtor says
the Lord.  To many nations and lands your charity will be seen.  They will
look to you and be glad.

A river will be seen in your city streets.  A river of revival flowing deep.
Teenagers will carry the banner of Christ through your streets as soldiers
once carried the flag of Indiana.  I will reconcile father and son, mother
and daughter.  I will heal the wounds of wars and battles.  I will heal the
land says the Lord.  I will  heal the land.

Prepare your hearts, prepare your hearts.  For the day of the Lord is upon
you O Indiana.  You will be a pillar of strength in a country tested.  From
you will come the issues of life.   Men will find rest in your borders.
Those in authority will find rest in your homes.  From you will spring

Chad Taylor
Lamentations 2:19