Word For Ireland

I am bringing down the wall that has divided your country. It is coming down says the Lord.

You would ask me, "Lord? Who's sin has built the wall, these people's or their father's fathers" But I say to you, neither. It is for the glory of God that this wall stands separating North and South, that all the world may see and behold My power and glory manifested in the island Ireland.

"Listen, O isles, unto Me and hearken, ye peoples from far..."

I am doing a work and a wonder in your day that all nations will stand in awe. I have reserved you Ireland for this hour, to be a great and shining light to the earth. From your ashes shall rise the glory of the Lord.

I declare peace to your borders Ireland. I will reveal My mysteries on your shores, My power on your city streets.

My church at large, I say to you ....pray! Yes pray. My eyes are roaming to and fro across the earth looking for those who will earnestly pray for your sister Ireland. Let her be bound on your forehead and written on the door posts of your dwellings. Say to all that pass by and ask "What is this?!?" Say to them, God's next mighty move and manifestation will be in the cities of Ireland! Peace shall reign in her streets once again!

Isaiah 49 will be declared and fulfilled in you Ireland. My love is great for you. Even as My heart broke for My people in captivity in Egypt, so My heart breaks for you Ireland. Deliverance is even now breaking out in your borders. Deliverance says the Lord. Deliverance.

A great pilgrimage will occur to Ireland. I am calling your children home that have not walked your soil for generations. They will come and gather to sing the praises of the Most High God.

Mighty worship shall be lifted up from this place that will literally be the key that opens up unprecedented power and speed.

A shift in the heavenlies is taking place. A shift says the Lord. Signs and wonders shall be seen in the heavens and the earth beneath.

Ireland shall be a forerunner to the greater works says the Lord. Yes, a forerunner to the greater works.

Staggering breakthroughs in medicine and science will occur in Ireland, as a natural sign of the historical breakthroughs in the Spirit.

All eyes will be on Ireland. A landmark to the coming of Christ.

Prophesy My people! Prophesy to Ireland! From your closets! Your automobiles! Prophesy! Prophesy My Kingdom come, My will be done. I say to you prophesy to Ireland! And then you shall reap her reward!

Taking the streets to the church
and compelling them to go out...

Chad Taylor (5/20/98)

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Chad Taylor