By Chad Taylor

The conflict in Israel is in direct relation to the conflict in the
presidential campaign in the U.S.  A great shifting in world power is
taking place in correlation to world harvest and revival.  "The heavens
are suffering violence..."  which is manifesting in the natural.
Israel and America are a mirror image of one another in the Spirit.
The struggle for leadership in America is reflected in the violence
and bloodshed in Israel.  One battle is in the spiritual realm (U.S.),
the other is in the natural or seen by the human eye (Israel).

Once the presidential campaign is over, the storm will begin to calm.
It will not be the end of it, but it will have a peace effect on
Israel and the surrounding areas.  Pray not only for the peace of
Israel, but also for the revival of America which will have direct
impact on the peace of Israel.


This conflict in world powers is only the shifting of the spiritual
plates as would happen in an earthquake.  Violent shaking, then the
aftermath of that violence, a settling.  From this shaking I will
begin to shake not only the earth but the heavenlies as well.  The
aftershocks of this will be felt all over the planet in revival and
harvest.  The plates of world power are shifting, setting the stage
for world harvest.  I also hear the word "California."  There is an
authority at this time to pray for California and to pray against
catastrophic earthquakes that threaten to destroy many.


Ezekiel 37 will now come to pass.  When you pray, call forth Joshua,
call him forth from the wilderness and the shadow of Moses or the law.
Call forth Joshua to take his rightful place in Israel.  Moses' time
has ended.  It is time for the Joshua army to arise in Jerusalem.
Bind the power of the law and loose the power of grace, and be
confident in this one thing, where sin, (or the law) abounds, grace
does much more abound.  Grace does much more abound.  My grace IS
sufficient in this hour.

Do not pray for the thorn to be removed from Israel as Paul prayed,
but pray rather for My grace to abound...  I am walking beside you,
and like the two on the road to Emmaus, I will open your eyes and give
you revelation to the things you are now doing and saying.  I will
open your eyes to see a greater host of heaven surrounding the city.
A great host that are poised round about Jerusalem and the world.


Now I will show you a mystery, for in this bloodshed will come
vindication, revelation and habitation, I will come to dwell with My
people in a way that they have never experienced.  This will be a
prelude to My coming in the sky.  A taste of My eternal grace and
glory.  For where I am so will My Bride be also.  Israel is a mirror
image of the spiritual.  In this season of unrest is a great door of
utterance opened to the church to bind and loose, to command and
conquer, to overcome and occupy.  PRAY!

Pray for the Joshua spirit to take hold of the heart of the church and
to possess the land.  And when you pray for Jerusalem, pray for the
nations of the world that will surely feel the aftershocks of this
shaking in renewal and revival.  See if I will not cause even this to
work together for the good for those that love Me and are called
according to My purpose.


Watch the white house, for in it you will see the desire of your
heart.  In its halls and rooms will echo the sounds of repentance and
revival.  Lincoln and Washington will be seen once again even as
Elijah and Moses were seen with Me.  A time of transfiguration is
coming to America.  A time of great grace and revival.  The margin
between church and state will drastically narrow and the river of God
will be seen flowing from the capitol steps.  The eagle of liberty
will fly once again in America.  The eagle of liberty will be seen in
the hearts of your children's children.

Chad Taylor