Lamentations 2:19

By Chad Taylor


Still their blood cries out to Me,
From the top of every street,
The little ones who have no place to go,
The castaway, with no place to call his own...
This impure religion is a smoke in My eyes,
The ones I love and long for you have hated and despised,
They walk and wander on the city streets,
Broken and distressed begging for something to eat,
Will you love the least of these?
Will you bring them unto Me?
Or will you continue to be deaf to their cries,
Will you let My children die?

Arise! Cry out in the night!
Give no rest to your eyes!
Until every one of them has a place to lay their head,
Until every hungry belly is fed...
How dare you hold back the oil and the wine, S

I will require every drop that you have wasted,
Ignoring their pain, turning your eyes from their angry faces,
Angry at the way you have represented My name,
Building your kingdoms, seeking fortune and fame,
I am ashamed to call you by My name...

This is a people that I will seek,
Ones who have forsaken this life and set their affections on Me,
Who will give every last drop for the least of these,
Knowing that they have really done it unto Me...
Pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord!

Bind up the wounds of the rejected and torn,
Pour in the oil and wine to heal their wounds,
The downcast and abused,
The orphans and the bruised.
Who will bring them into their house?
Who will not just take in, but pour out?
Who among you says the Lord?

So they pine away, in boxes and alley ways,
No one to love them and show them the Way,
Millions die on your city streets,
Yet you cry out, "More Lord, More for me!"
This is an abomination to Me.

Rachel's weeping because her children are no more,
They've cried out, but you've ignored...
Now is the time to open your eyes,
To finally realize, it was for these that I died,
That I gave My life,
It is time...

Time to give all that you have for the gospel's sake,
Let this world know the power of My name,
Deliver them from their sorrow and shame,
Relieve them of their anger and pain...

Now hear Me My people,
Go to the hungry ones, the ones who have no home,
The ones who are broken, lost, and alone,
Tell them there is a Savior that is acquainted with all their ways,
They are not forgotten, I know them by name!
Even in the womb I called them by name!

Tell them that I died that they could have life,
That I already paid the price, that they would not have to die!
Hurry! Go out into the hi-ways and the bi-ways
And compel them to come in!
Tell them that I will love them and will forgive them of their sin!
That I am truly their friend...

Now hear Me My shepherds,
It is time to unlock the doors and let them inside,
To provide a shelter from the storm -
A place to hide...
To feed and to clothe,
And let the little children know,
That there is hope, yes, there is Hope.
It is time...

If you do not hasten to My word,
I will remove your candlestick from its place,
And you will bear your own shame,
Because you have refused to obey...

Thrust out!
Thrust out!
Laborers move out!
It is your hour!
Signs and wonders will follow you as you obey!
Hastening the coming day of the Lord.
Psalm 2:8 shall be fulfilled in this hour,
As I declare to the nations My power.


Chad Taylor (10/29/98)

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