By Chad Taylor

As we were driving from one city to the next to minister in North Carolina, for a about 3 seconds I had an open vision. I saw a great Lion running across the skyline as we entered the town of Plymouth, NC. This Lion had a crown on His head and was unmistakably the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Jesus Christ.

As I meditated on this vision that evening and the following day I began to hear the following prophetic word in regards to the Southern states of the U.S.A. :

I am roaring out of Zion. I am coming as an Eagle to My temple. I am coming to judge and make war. I am coming to tear down the walls of un-tempered mortar. The walls of division and strife. I am making war against the spirit of slavery and oppression. I am judging between the sheep and the goats. The wheat and the chaff. I am laying the axe of My will to the root of the trees. I will separate says the Lord. I will divide and I will judge. I will make a righteous judgment over the land.

I will judge between brother and brother, I will give back what is rightfully theirs, the oppressed, the displaced, and the persecuted. I will give back their lands, their homes, and their children. I will bring the driven out back to their own places, the driven out will now be called “Sought out” says the Lord. My liberty is coming to these people. My grace will bring their children from the graves, from the wilderness of prejudice. Watch and see this come to pass, watch and see.

My liberty is coming to the Cherokee. I will make their children to see. I will open the eyes of their children and they will rule in the land. This royal bloodline will now be restored says the Lord. I will blow upon this valley of dry bones and this mighty army will walk and run again. I am their friend. I will defend them. I will bring My people back into their own land. I will say to the nations, “Give up!” To the kings and rulers, “Restore!” Nothing will stand in the way of My will says the Lord.

I am roaring over the South. I am taking these two sticks, these two nations, and in My hand they will be one. One stick says “NORTH”, the other says, “SOUTH”. In My hand they will be as one says the Lord. They will be as one. I will heal what I have torn, I will mend the great rift between this nation. Between North and South. Even now this is coming to pass. From the highest place of authority these things shall be declared. From the Whitehouse it shall be written. This civil war shall cease.


Chad Taylor
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