The Lion and the Bear  

By Chad Taylor    


I saw a great struggle in the Spirit.  A bear and a lion as they wrestled for supremacy over the land.  Both of these animals were very territorial.  One would not give way to the other.  Back and forth this warfare went.  Neither seeming to tire in their efforts.  

As this epic battle transpired I saw a storm forming overhead.  Tumultuous clouds billowed and stacked one upon another.  Lightning could be seen from the distance.  Thunder began to clap and roar.  As this storm increased in its strength, it seemed the lion increased in its strength as well.  He became more ferocious in his tactics and the battle began to sway his way.   The bear began to tire as the storm grew closer.  Suddenly lightning began to rain down upon the bear.  Throwing him to the ground and rendering him helpless. 

The Lion now began to prevail and conquer in this struggle for life and land.  Blow after deadly blow the lion delivered.  Lightning from above came down insistently down upon the bears head and torso. Until finally the bear lay motionless and silent.  

Then I heard the Lord say,   

'The lion is the prayers of the saints.   The bear is the spirit of the anti-Christ.  Without the concerted prayers of many this battle will be lost over much land and people.  Only prayer can push back the bears attack.   My people must humble themselves and pray like they have never done before.  They can not rely upon prayers and efforts of the past, they must renew their intercessions with a greater resolve than they have even done before.     

Many lands and peoples depend on this kind of prayer.  My people must not be like the Pharisee in the temple who looks at his own strengths and works.  But they must be like the widow woman who persevered in her prayer until the battle was won.  Only this kind of attitude will take territory and set the captives free.  Only this kind of prayer will open the gates that the King of Glory can come in.  Many of My people must learn all over what it means to pray.  

Many in My camp have forgotten their first love.  They no longer go to their closets and shut the door.  They like to be seen in public places praying.  But they have forgotten that what I see in secret I will reward openly.  My people must re-learn again the secret and power of prayer.  They must re-learn what it means to seek first the Kingdom of God.'    


As this took place I then saw archers set up on the walls, taking their ranks by tens and twenties.  Archers gleaming in armor and bow one after the other took their places on the walls.  Arrow after arrow was strung and pointed toward the darkness outside the walls.  Each archer had a flask of oil, as he dipped his arrow in this oil the arrow tip sprung aflame with fire.  Their arms were pulled back ready to unleash this awesome arsenal.  

Then I heard the Lord say,  

'The archers are My prayer warriors.  They have kept their flasks full of oil, and they have not forgotten their first love.  Their flaming arrows of prayer will illuminate the darkness for the foot soldiers and evangelists.  A great invasion is about to take place in the earth.  I am amassing a great army of apostles, prophets, and evangelist to invade the land.  These very prayers and arrows will be a lamp to their feet and a light to their path.  Like Jonathan and David, the arrows will show the way and help the army avoid certain death and danger.  The arrows must be on target says the Lord.  The arrows must be on target'    


A great roar came from the camp of the Lord.  As the mighty warriors readied themselves to take the land.  An innumerable host of prophets, apostles, and evangelists were preparing themselves to invade.  They were the "sent ones."  The ones chosen before time and space to make a way in the wilderness for their King.  Mighty men and women of valor.  Great and terrible in their countenance to the enemy.  Hearts ablaze with the fire of Passion and Glory.  Each carried a sling and five stones and the great grace of the Lord was upon them to do signs and wonders.  As one stone was flung another was added in its place.  Never would their stones be depleted.  They were shod with the readiness of the gospel.   

Then I heard the Lord say,  

'These are the days of harvest, the days prophesied by all the prophets.  These are the days of Elijah and Moses.  The days of the apostles and prophets.  These are the days when kingdoms shall falter and governments crumble in a twinkling of an eye.  These are the days that whole nations will bow and be saved.  The hour of the uncomely parts, those with no honor but Mine.  No reputation but Heaven, no glory but eternity.  These are the ones that will wear the crowns.  These are the ones that will see Heaven on earth.  They will wrest the thrones in heavenly places and bring forth the Kingdom of God.  They wrestle not with flesh and blood.'    


Then I saw great fields white and ready.  As far as the eye could see these fields swayed under the wind. Great fields made ready by tribulations and trial.  Great fields of harvest and revival.  Reserved for such a time as this.  Billions of hearts and souls poised for eternity.  Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision.  The day of the Lord was nigh in the valley of decision.  The day of the Lord had come upon the whole earth.   

Then I saw the army begin to take up their tents and move.  A great tabernacalling had come to the Body of Christ.  A great shifting, a great shaking.  Every man made ready his tent.  The sound of movement could be heard from every direction as the army began to move.     

Then I heard the voice of the Lord say,  

'A great shaking and change is upon the Church.  What you see today is not what you will see tomorrow.  Those that have lived from the visions and words of yesterday will not be satisfied with these any longer.  They must have new manna.  They must have new revelation.  They cannot live off another mans revelation any longer.  They must be able to say with Peter, "You are Christ, the Son of God."  They must know Me for themselves, not another man's dream, not another man's vision.  Now is the time for every one to have his own.  To know Me in the secret place.  To see Me transfigured and glorified.  I will ask this generation like I asked the one before, "Who do you say that I am?''


Again I saw the bear.  He lay motionless and dead.  His body ceased to move, his breathing no longer labored.  Life had drained from his body.  The great lion filled the air with his victory roar.  All the land trembled when he roared.  His frame began to heal supernaturally from the wounds and blows.  Only the scars remained.  A great eagle came to rest on the lions shoulder.  Lifting him, carrying him to higher places out of danger.  As he prepared himself for another battle, another land, another place to possess. In the high place the lion dwelled.  From that place he viewed the land.  

And I heard the voice of the Lord say,  

'Beware of the bear's cubs.  The bear is not dead, he lives in his offspring.  As winter comes upon you, know that he only slumbers and sleeps.  Waiting for another moment, another time to attack.  The archers must prepare their bows, they must take their places on the walls.  The apostles and prophets and evangelist must prepare themselves to go.  They must ready themselves for invasion.  A window of opportunity is about to open upon the whole earth.  A great harvest is dawning upon the Church.  It must make herself ready with prayers and supplications.  She must make herself ready in her closet.  Only their will she receive the revelation to prevail.  Only their will she receive the glory to overcome. 

Prepare yourself O Bride of the Morning Star!  Prepare yourself O Church of the first born!  You will see Me high and lifted up!  You will see Me as I really am!  Glorified and transfigured.  For these are the days of harvest and revival.  Now you will do the greater works.  Now you will see the heavens opened and the angels descending and ascending upon the Son of Man.'     

Chad Taylor

Lamentations 2:19