By Chad Taylor

"The Wicked flee when no man pursues, but the righteous are bold as a
lion." (Proverbs 28:1)


I will bestow upon My people in this hour a heavenly boldness that
will shake the heavens and the earth.  Like Daniel, they will begin
to possess the heavenly territories as well as the earthly ones. "But
the saints of the Most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the
kingdom forever, even forever and ever."  (Dan. 7:18). They will
begin to speak into existence the things that are not as if they
were.  They will begin to pray for the things they never thought
possible to pray for.  They will begin to possess land and territory
they never imagined was possible to possess.  A holy boldness like
David will come upon them and they will finally see what it means to
take "the heathen as their inheritance and the uttermost parts of the
earth as their possession.." (Ps. 2:8).


A boldness for the business place will come upon My entrepreneurs.
They will take back what the enemy has stolen and begin to disperse
it to My end time church.  They will lack no good thing in this hour
says the Lord.  Such an influx of wealth will come into My end time
Ministries that the age old practices to gain money will be
unnecessary.   Great wealth shall now be transferred to the lowly and
the uncomely.  Those that have been faithful with a little shall be
now trusted with much.  Even through secular means will this wealth
be transferred and My people will have the boldness to receive it.  I
will give the seats of corporations to Christians in this hour.  They
will distribute to the poor and the nations will be saved.


I will give My end time church a supernatural creativity that will
amaze the world and cause their scientists to wonder.  My people as I
anoint them will excel in business and industry.  They will create
remedies and breakthroughs in medical and science.  They will pioneer
into the future as Joseph did in Egypt.  They will take great seats
of authority and hierarchy in governments and places of position.   I
will turn the hearts of kings like water in this hour says the Lord.
I will turn their hearts like water.  "I wisdom dwell with prudence,
and find out knowledge of witty inventions."  (Proverbs 8:12).


I will give My people favor with the land as Joseph had in the seven
years of plenty.  I will show them "treasures out of darkness." and
they will see the hidden things.  Like the man who sold all that he
had for the hidden treasure in the field, so shall I show My people
in this hour hidden commodities and great wealth.  It will be for the
salvation of My people says the Lord.  For the salvation of My
people.  I will give My people favor with the land.  Water, oil,
gold, wheat, corn, and land will they possess.  They will speak to
the rock in this hour and it will give forth its substance.


The places of higher learning will be possessed in this hour as well
says the Lord.  Places of prestige and reputation will be shaken with
My boldness.  Professors and Doctors will bow and confess that I am
Lord.  Students and faculty will hear of My exploits and believe.  A
great revival will sweep the land.  Lawyers and theologians will gain
wisdom and win souls.  From the lowest to the highest My name will be
glorified.  From Oxford to Stanford My glory will be revealed.  I
will visit their campuses with My power.  Their steeples and halls
will resound with My praises.  My wind blows where it listeth Says
the Lord.  My wind blows where it listeth.  (John 3:8).


I will continue to invade the media and television.  I will show My
people how to harness this force to impact the world.  I will give
them television stations and radio stations.  They will upset the
prince of the air and topple his ancient gates of communications.  My
people shall inherit the land in this hour, says the Lord. They will
inherit the land.  With technology and invention My church will press
into foreign fields once uninhabited by righteousness and truth.

What once took decades to infiltrate will now take only months.  This
is the hour that My glory and My power will be revealed.  This is the
hour that My holy boldness will shake institutions and nations.  This
is the hour that the chasm between the church and the market place
will be spanned.  My people will possess the land.


Chad Taylor
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