A Love Letter

By Chad Taylor

I love you more than blood, more than breath, more than life. It was in My last breath that I called out your name, "Today you will be with Me in paradise..." It was there that I saw your face, and your tears, I was there. In that time you were so alone. I was there. I will never leave you My precious child. In the storm I will cry, "Peace be still!" In your valley of death I will exclaim, "Lazarus come forth!" In the belly of hell I will command, "Let there be light!" Even there it shall be as the noon day.

I have engraved your name on the palm of My hands. Look closely and you will see it there. I was the bread that was broken for you, I was the wine that was spilt for you, and I would do it all again to call you My friend. I love you. When I looked into the stars that dark night of My soul, I saw your face, it was the joy that was set before Me that I could endure the shame. I'll never forget your eyes. They sparkled with anticipation and hope! It kept My heart beating and the courage in My soul, just to know, that you were waiting... My love! My Bride! How I long for you! It is almost time! The consummation of the age, when you will finally see the love in My face.

When the blood and the water poured from My side, it was your eyes, that I saw. My child, in the womb I called you be name! Come unto Me! In the grave and its darkness the light of our love even shone there! In that torment and despair, you were always there! That we could be one, as the Father and the Son, we are one! It was you that helped Me carry the cross, it was you that lifted its weight from My shoulders. It was you that carried it to Golgotha. We made a place of death a place of life! All because of you! The Father always knew, what we would have to do...

Now is the time My bride, to take a sliver of that cross into your heart. You will feel the intrusion, even as I do in My hands and feet, but it must be. You must know the fellowship of My sufferings that you can effect a world for Me, the prisoner and the thief, the child on the street, you must do it for Me! It is time to take this love into the world, lifting up the cross of My victory! Come to Me and take this sliver of My cross into your heart and feel what I feel for them, and then, they will surely know that I live inside of you! Feel My pain, even My shame, and the nations will be saved! It is time.

The wine that was poured out was My blood, it was My love. It was passion, it was compassion, it was eternal. The flame of that love will never be quenched, because it burns inside of you. Let it shine My Bride. Let it shine. Let there be no dark place that does not feel the flame of its passion. Let there be no orphan that does not feel its compassion, no widow that does not feel its warmth, not a one. No prisoner that cannot feel its power to set him free! Not a blind man that does not know there is a God that make him see! Not a one. Not a one. Burn My children, burn...

You are crucified with Me, and the life you now live in the flesh, you live by faith, in Me, who loves you and gave Himself for you. You are dead, and hid in me. All that you are is in Me. Even on the tree, you were inside of Me! Before the foundations of the earth I saw your destiny! To be free. To know Me. Now take this love into the dark places, places of obscurity, places of insanity, and let them know, yes, let them know, I love them too. As much as you. Tell them. Hold them. Touch them. Even as I touched and held you. Let them know it's true, My love that endures, all time and space, that I have felt their pain. I have tasted the salt in the tears they've cried, it was for each and every one of them that I died. Open their eyes to My love, do it now, do not hesitate, it is so very, very late, you must make haste, and compel them to come in! Go now My love! Let the world know how much I love them...

And then the end will come... (Matthew 24:14...)


Chad Taylor (11/9/98)
website: www.consumingfire.com