A River of Many Colors  

(A Word to Spokane, WA.)    

By Chad Taylor      


I see a river, a river flowing from His throne coming from this place called Spokane.  A river of many faces and races.  A river of many colors.  I see this river flowing into the sea, I see this river filling the Pacific Rim with fire.  With fire and glory.   A river of many colors flowing into the Pacific Rim with the fires of end time revival.

I see this river merging with many other rivers from other places and nations.  A great river of healing and restoration is cutting the through the rocks and valleys of religion to bring rivers in the desolate heights and pools of water in the desert.  I see the words Psalm 133 written on the rocks of this river.  Like a river the oil is pouring from Arron's beard.  And like a river shall it flow from Spokane, WA.  The dew of Hermon shall come from this place Spokane.  And the Lord will command a blessing.  

I hear the rumbling of a shaking coming to this area as well.  I hear the rumblings of a spiritual earthquake.  Many seats of authority being upset and principalities usurped from their ancient places.  I see the old places, the historical landmarks of church building coming alive again.  I see a spark igniting in the old places steeped in tradition.  I see an alliance between the pentecostals and the conservatives, like the fisherman in Luke 5 harvest will demand a greater level of unity every imagined.  They will cry out to the partners in the other boats, "Come help us!  We can hold such a great catch!"   

I see a vast network of ministries starting in Spokane, WA.  Tying the knots of fellowship throughout the Pacific North West and the world.  I see a large base of operation of prayer and intercession mobilized in Spokane, WA.  Similar to the World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs.  A place of strategy and world evangelism.  A mantle of Philip the Evangelist is settling upon the shoulders of Spokane as they invade the Samaria's of the world.  

I see the word Apostolic over Spokane, WA.  A apostolic headquarter for the end time Church.  And like the Apostles of old their cry will be, "That I might become all things to all men that I might save some..."  I will give them heart for the nations of the world.  They will be city upon a hill that cannot be hid and house of prayer for all nations.  A river of many colors is what I call you Spokane.  A river of many colors flowing into the uttermost parts of the earth.  The nations shall see it and be glad.      

Chad Taylor