A Message to the Church

By Chad Taylor


My people have forgotten My heart. They look at numbers instead of faces. They measure success by how many people come from week to week. They sincerely believe that because of an increase in numbers that there is an increase of My anointing and presence. I never looked at the swell of the crowd! Numbers meant nothing to Me. It was the state of their heart that concerned Me. I purposely lost the crowds just to see who would follow Me to Golgotha, and who would not.

Many left Me day after day until only a few remained. My people are afraid of this. They are afraid of losing. So they measure their success by numbers, instead of the condition of the hearts of the men, women, and children in their cities. They become so focused on their own numbers and figures that they have a tunnel vision that sees nothing but what is in front of them. All the while the faces of the masses and the lost that press in from every side become blurred and eventually not seen.

They start to build their own thing and call it Mine. When in all reality they have left Me behind. As soon as faces become just numbers they have lost My heart. The reason their hearts are not satisfied and you can see the discontentment on their faces is because they know there must be more than what they are settling for. But they are afraid of losing, they will not take the risk that is necessary to really experience My glory! They are afraid of losing what they already have and what they have labored so hard to attain, and in all their struggle have forgotten the real reason I created them; To worship Me!

My shepherds no longer really know Me. They see Me from a distance, they hear an echo of My voice, but they no longer know Me. They read books about Me, and attend meetings that talk about Me, but they no longer sit around the campfire with Me and fellowship! Like Martha they are so busy, not comprehending that there is only one thing that cannot be taken away from them, ME...

If they could only see that all that they have accomplished will soon be taken away! It will all be taken away and not one stick or stone will be left! If they could only realize that the time they spend in My presence will endure in the coming days. Only the time spent at My feet will stand. They must apprehend the revelation that they "are dead, and they are hid in Me!" They are not their own, but are bought with a terrible price! They must lose their life and all that they hold dear to truly be Mine!

Church has become laws and statements of faith. I had meant for My church to be Living Epistles, My law written in their hearts! But now they are only boards and councils, denominations and doctrinal statements and bi-laws. This is all the world sees! In the early church they knew them because they had been in My presence not because of their words and statements! The Kingdom of God was demonstrated in power not words!

By now the nations should already have been won for Me. I have given My leaders resources and the laborers, but instead of raising them up and equipping them and then sending them, they have kept them back, forcing them into their own plans and devices! Their own agendas and building plans! I have called them to raise up an army and they have done none of this! When millions of missionaries should even now being trained and sent out every day, only a handful goes every year! My army sits restless and idle while the field are white for the harvest. These that I have assigned to hire them and train them are too busy planting their own vineyards and fields, tending their own oxen, and willfully forgetting My commandment, "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Teaching them all things that I have commanded you..."

My heart is grieved at the state of My church. My heart is grieved at the sentimental effort that My shepherds and pastors have extended to see My people ready for what is about to come. Many, many I say, will be caught unaware. Whole churches will topple and crumble overnight, because they have said in their hearts, "I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing" - and "do you not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked?"

Many of those who once knew and flourished in My River have left thinking that it is only a "movement" or a dispensation. They have not discerned the signs of the times. Not comprehending that it is My Spirit of preparation to be ready and equipped for the famine that is coming. For in 1994 this Spirit of Preparation began to be poured out on this northern continent. That seven years of plenty is coming to an end! The "Seven years of famine" is nearly upon you! You see it was a time of renewal that prepared Egypt and Joseph for the great famine that had been prophesied. It was a refreshing of My Spirit that they had experienced. They did not just enjoy it for a moment and then move on to something else! They allowed it to prepare them and equip them for what was coming. So in this hour we must allow this to take its course, this Spirit of Preparation that My people can be ready.

The foolish virgins were the ones that had experienced My blessing, My outpouring, and had grown bored and too full and fallen asleep. They were caught unaware. As they went to buy more oil the door was closed. NOW IS YOUR SEASON OF OPPORTUNITY! NOW IS YOUR TIME TO GET READY! NOW IS THE TIME YOU MUST TAKE EARNEST HEED TO WHAT MY PROPHETS ARE SAYING! I HAVE RAISED THEM UP EARLY AND SENT THEM TO YOU! THIS IS THE TIME YOU MUST GIRD YOURSELF UP AND MAKE HASTE TO OBEY ME AND PREPARE YOUR HEARTS AND CHURCHES FOR MY GLORY!

Renewal was only the season that you were hid in the river of My presence and were not destroyed. Now is the time for deliverance to come to My people yet in bondage and slavery. The river was only preparing you for the liberation of My children! It is not over! It has not ended! It is only over for those that never really knew My heart. To those that never intended to give it away. They have buried My talent instead of making room for more. Even now what they have will be taken away.

It is time for My shepherds to begin to train and prepare My people. Every minute, every hour is critical. You "must redeem the time for the days are evil." You must "look for and hasten the coming day of God." You must prepare your church like Noah prepared the Ark. You must heed my instruction before the flood comes! Now is the time! Now is the day! Prepare.

Even as My church has been known for so many things. Now it shall be known for "a house of prayer for all nations." It shall be identified as this, "a house of prayer." The fires of prayer have grown dim in the churches across this land. They must kindle the flames of this passion, for its light will be the only guidance for this ship of grace. Without it you will shipwreck.


In the coming days Luke 18:1 will become a reality. "Men ought always to pray and not to faint."

I say to you, O shepherd and pastor! Prepare My people for battle! Teach them to fight! Woe be to you if they perish by the sword while you neglected your duty to make them ready! You will be like Saul who led his own sons to death. In your pride you will perish, in your ignorance My people will die.


Chad Taylor (10/19/99)
Lamentations 2:19

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