Mexico My Love...

Were you not My first fruits upon the continent? Do you not know that you are engraved on the palms of My hands? You have been as the man who fell among thieves who was robbed and beaten and left for dead. But I did not pass you by. I am picking you up from the mire and putting you on solid ground.

The dark storm of poverty shall be blown east and driven from you borders. Watch and see if this does not come to pass in the coming year, 1999. For in the year of 1999 shall be the setting in order of My church, the foundation is even now being laid, the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets. A flood of miracles shall be seen in you old Mexico. In the dance you shall se My deliverance. The gift of joy is the gift I've given you, it will shine for the whole earth to witness.

The flood of this revival in you country shall like a tidal wave move in power upon your sister America. She shall be provoked to jealousy by the workings that I do in you. I am pouring the new wine into your wounds. Oil for your refreshing and restoration. Restoring ALL the cankerworm has eaten. A mighty increase in your produce and fields will occur. You will not be the one who receives the charity, but the one that is giving to the uttermost parts of the earth. For in you will be an abundance, an overflowing says the Lord.

I am giving of MY substance to the inn keeper and paying your debt. In a twinkling of an eye it shall come to pass. Watch and see. Even the world news print shall confirm My justice and righteousness. You have been robbed, it is time to restore says the Most High God. In 1999 the rod of authority shall change hands. For in My son, I have put My treasures, out of the darkness they will come. A city upon a hill that cannot be hid.

An enemy shall rise from the south, but a friend from the north, and you will be saved. The eternal fires of revival will be kindled in you streets. Where darkness prevails, Light shall spring up, translating you into the Kingdom of My dear Son. It will break out on your right hand and your left. For I the Lord will hasten it to come. Even now I am focusing the sights of intercession upon you. Many prayer pilgrimages shall cross your borders even this year, 1998. You will be the target of My right hand.

Evangelists shall arise from you as bees from a field of flowers. You will be sent as My holy messengers to the uttermost parts of the earth fanning the flames of revival even higher. You shall tend the flames of My desire upon the earth. Firekeepers you are. The flames of My purest desire burns in your hearts. In you is My delight and good pleasure. On your shores men shall find peace. In your cities children will find refuge. For I the Lord have predestined it to be.

Come My beloved come! To a wedding feast prepared for you from the foundations of the earth! I bid you come! Let the outcast and the forgotten come! For I have not forgotten you says the Lord! Mexico, the day of your visitation is at hand.

Taking the streets to the church
and compelling them to go out.

Chad Taylor (10/18/98)

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