A Word to the Mid-West (U.S.A.)

By Chad Taylor

(This word was received as we were prompted to stop at the capitol of Nebraska, Lincoln. On April 20th, 1999)

And I heard the Lord say as we were driving through Nebraska, "You are driving through the heart of America, you are going through an artery of the heart of this nation. But the heart is tired, it has grown weary, thus the whole body has grown tired, and weary in doing good. Pray for the heart land of this country, pray and prophecy for its recovery and strength."

We finally made it to the capitol steps in Lincoln Nebraska, what was ironic and stirring was that there is a large statue on top of the capitol building of a man sowing seed, the statue is called, "The Sower." And this is what the Lord began to speak...

"This truly is the heart of this country. The heart of America. Pray and prophecy that the arteries would be clear of obstruction. I am clearing away any objects of obstruction in the arteries of America. I am opening up the arteries of this nation so that they can once again be effective in the sowing and the reaping I have called her to do. The heart will pump strong and with no obstruction once again. The heart of the sower, the heart of evangelism will beat strong again, to sow My liberty and salvation into the uttermost parts of the earth, to sow and to reap. To give and to bless.

The seed will find good soil, some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred fold. Revival will even in the natural visit this heartland once again. Revival in the natural and the spiritual says the Lord. A spiritual and a natural abundance shall spring from the soil of this land. The ground shall be fruitful and produce, even the very ground of this heartland. Abundance and fruitfulness to the nations. The blessings of the Lord will overtake you. The reaper shall overtake the sower in this hour. Blessings, Blessings, Blessings. Blessings to the sower. Blessings to the reaper.

You shall be like a tree of Life planted by the waters who bears its fruit in its season. This is a season of abundance. Like Joseph you will be ready. Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, you shall be a place of abundance. Like Joseph you will be ready in season and out of season. For this is a season of abundance says the Lord. Though perils come this will be a place of fruitfulness. A place of hope for the nation. Even as in times past the Mid-West has been a place of hope, a place of vitality, a place of fruitfulness, of sowing and reaping, so shall it be in this hour says the Lord. For there are some that water, and some that plant, but in this hour I will bring the increase. Even in this very city, Lincoln Nebraska, it is a season of increase and abundance. And to all those that surround you. Blessings to your cities, blessings to your counties.

Again you shall be a tower of hope in the plains. A city upon a hill that cannot be hid. Lincoln Nebraska, you will we be called first and not last in the coming days. My church shall abound in this place and all those that surround you, they will see the work of your hands and call it good. Even though you have grown weary, you have waited upon Me, and I will renew your strength says the Lord. I will renew the strength to the heartland of America. She will be a beacon of hope in a sea of darkness. A harbor of hope in a land found wanting.

I will renew your strength. Though you have grown weary America, though your heart has stumbled, once again you shall wax strong, once again you shall gain strength, you have waited upon Me, and I will renew your strength. You shall once again mount up on wings like an eagle to the nations of the world, you will sow and you will reap, and your sowing and reaping shall be blessed.

A revival of hope do I declare to you today. Though your heart has fainted, you will fly and soar once again.

When the wicked flee when no man pursues them, you will be as bold as a lion. You shall be called the sower once again. You shall be called the sower once again. You shall be called the sower once again..."

Chad and Maria Taylor - 4/20/99
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