by Chad Taylor

I see a whirlwind over Milwaukee - a whirlwind of God’s intentions. You are about to reap a hundred-fold; like Jacob you have sowed in times of famine. The last ten years where the enemy had laid siege to your borders I am even now despoiling and dismantling says the Lord. I am even now turning your sorrow into joy and giving you beauty for your ashes. You will be called, “The light of the world a City upon a hill that cannot be hidden.” – Mathew 5:14

I will once again draw the harvest from many nations and you will be an epicenter to the utter-most parts of the earth. From you will come epic breakthroughs in medicine and science and My anointing will renew your minds. I will spring up from the University campuses and My glory will be clearly distinguished as I open the prison doors of intellectualism and agnosticism. A Saul of Tarsus moment will occur with brilliant breakthrough as some of your greatest minds are saved.


Revolution and revival are in your very DNA and I will even now cause the dry bones of your destiny to come alive. The barren fields of the past 50 years will now be eclipsed by a Jubilee. Even this year 2013, I am unfurling My treatise for you; my covenant and the very things that I declared to you over 150 years ago will shortly come to pass.

I will rebuild the old waste places and those indigenous to your land will be lifted up – it is a Joseph moment and My people will undoubtedly be delivered! It’s the hour of the uncomely parts.

I will repair the breach and where there has been a “issue of blood” and past sins that have hobbled you; I will cause them to be healed and reconciliation will take precedence. For I have given you Milwaukee a ministry of reconciliation and you will have the heathen as your inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth will surely be your possession. – 2nd Corinthian 5:18, Psalm 2:8


I am even now causing a series of events to frame these moments of fruitfulness and favor and many from afar will see it and be glad. There will “signs in the heavens above and earth beneath”. It will be apparent to many that the Hand of God is upon the city of Milwaukee and beyond. For even now I am burning around your borders with My fire and the cities and towns that orbit you will surely ignite for the fire has already been kindled. – Acts 2:19

From as far away as Chicago and Green Bay the fire will be seen and felt as the fault of line of revival begins to shake. It will be an awakening, a shaking, which will set the Great Lakes cities apart as a spiritual high ground – a Shiloh. The Tabernacle of David will be assembled in Milwaukee and the nations will flow into it. The nations will flow into it.


Like a Shiloh, you will be a city of gathering once again, even as you forefathers described you “A gathering place by the water…” You will be like a tree planted by the river that will bear its fruit in season. For a season of revival and harvest has surely come.

You will give the nations Living Water and a well of healing will be opened that will never be quelled or stifled again. You will be a Jacob’s well and many wayward, prodigal, poor and lost will find it. I will hasten these things to come to pass says the Lord.

Pentecost is upon you as this harvest comes to fruition. Your future will be framed by a seed-time and harvest that will surely be unprecedented. Doors that have remained stubbornly closed to you will suddenly open as I give you utterance to the world and like a “Philip” you will evangelize and reach the nations. – Psalm 1:3, Acts 8:30


As Ruth was given back her inheritance so shall I give you back yours Milwaukee. Your youth shall rejoice in this season as they reach toward the high calling in Christ. I have prepared the threshing floor and even now the winnowing fan is in My hand and I will surely separate the wheat from the chaff.

I will dig up the fallow ground. I will cause many to return to their first love and to do the first works and many will be saved. A windfall of salvation shall flood your streets and the most notorious and riotous will be born-again. Gated communities and notorious neighborhoods will be arrested by My grace and I will surely set their captives free. I am even now leaving the 99 for the 1.

From the East to the West, from the South to the North My name will be shouted from the housetops as I remove the spiritual ceiling from you. This is your Kairos moment Milwaukee a day of visitation.

Chad Taylor
January 16th, 2013