The Great Morocco Revival

Chad Taylor

For in a vision in a small prayer room that used to be a horses tack room on a friends ranch, I experienced the following. I knelt on an old Muslim prayer rug that my friend had placed on the floor to remind him to pray for the Muslim people, and I prayed there to Jesus Christ. Above my head was a map of the world. I knelt on the floor as a wave of His Spirit and a vision brought me to my knees. The Lord then said, 

“I shall move in a mighty way through Morocco. It will shake like a great earthquake, it will sweep the surrounding country like a great wind. Millions will be swept into My kingdom from this revival.”

At this point I had no idea where Morocco was in relation to the continents of the world. I looked up to the map above me and the Lord then said, 

“This revival shall find its center in Morocco, Africa. It will sweep up into Spain like a fire. It will consume the wall of division that has stood fortified between the two countries for generations. I will break down these walls tempered with untempered mortar, and the fire will sweep the land. A fire of revival will sweep the land.” 

I saw in a three hundred-mile radius around Morocco this great earthquake of revival impacting. After shocks could be felt through the entire continent of Africa. Then the Lord said, 

“The head of the Dragon Islam shall be cut off. I will crush its resistance under My right hand. I will dismember it and its power will be no more. The masses that stumble in the darkness shall finally go free.” 

I saw an army raised from the dry bones of Islam. A great and mighty army that shook the earth with their message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Then the Lord said,

“The dead shall be raised, the widow’s son will live though in a grave. The leper shall offer up the sacrifices of praise for what the Lord has done for them. The blind shall declare that he can see, and the captive will sing of his liberty.

For in this hour a great revival will shake the earth from Morocco, Africa. The borders to the North will be swept up into its intensity. From Morocco to Portugal these fires of revival will burn. Morocco and Portugal shall sustain the flames until all the land is filled with the smoke of its burning. To the Canary Islands this explosion of My power will be felt. The Canary Islands will shake and tremble, They will declare the wonders of the Lord!

Algeria will rumble with the shaking in these days. A great reaping shall occur here in Algeria. A great harvest of revival will sweep Algeria. A whirlwind will come from Tunisia, it will come in with great velocity and power. It will lift and carry the fire into Egypt, Libya, Chad, and Sudan. Watch and see what I do in these days says the Lord.”

I saw in this vision of the great revival in Morocco, having a profound impact in Spain, France, and Italy. Literally bridges being built between these countries. Bridges of revival as it was in Acts 1:8. ‘First in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the earth…’ I saw a vast expanse of faces that had received Christ in Africa, a great army marching to the beat of the Lord’s heart and will. Africa was the ‘wheel within the wheel’ that ignited revival to all points of the globe as in Acts 1:8. From its ground sprung the seeds of a reformation and revival that would be recorded in the annals of time and eternity.

In this vision I also saw Zaire as a capitol of restoration, a place of God’s government and law. A place where the church was trained and raised up, an “Antioch”, ‘where they were first called Christians…’ It was an apostolic headquarters where from all points of the earth they would come and go to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ. Churches were springing up literally overnight in the Congo, and Ethiopia, in the jungle and village. A great army had been stirred from a land of obscurity to cause the people of the earth to tremble at the sound of their feet.

Africa had become a Christian country ruled by the arm of Righteousness and Truth. A capitol of world affairs where the Word of the Lord was declared. Kings and Presidents came to her shores to receive counsel in these last days, to lead and govern their own lands and kingdoms. The hand of the Lord could be seen as fire by night and cloud by day in your midst O Africa. An ensign to he whole earth of the coming King in His splendor and glory. Africa, you are a John the Baptist crying in the desert, “Prepare the way of the Lord! Make straight His paths! A highway for our God! ” 

From South Africa, and Madagascar, to Morocco, a great light had risen, 

“To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our way in the way of peace.” (Luke 1:79). 

Chad Taylor




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