Nashville's Destiny In Peril

Chad Taylor


January 3rd -- 2:17 A.M.

Tonight as I laid awake in bed the Spirit of prophecy and intercession came upon me with great urgency and intensity. A unusual strength to declare and decree was present and a number of crucial and pertinent things began to be uttered as followed:

An epic and decisive battle is being waged over Nashville. Her very destiny as a city is in the balances of this battle.

There would be a great mourning in the camp of the enemy as in the days of Moses and Egypt when Egypt's first born was destroyed. The first-born of the enemies schemes and strategies against the servants and prophets of God would be struck down. Even beginning this very night Jan. 3rd. I began to declare as the Spirit gave me utterance, the releasing of the Death Angel through the gates of the city; thus the first-born of the enemies plots and plans would be destroyed.

The enemies tactics have been much the same. He is attempting to kill and destroy the first-born of the servants and prophets of God. This may even be manifesting in the physical realm through sickness, depression, and oppression against our first-born children. The enemy is after the first-born vision, dreams, and ministries of the apostles and prophets of the Lord in Nashville.

I saw then in the Spirit two feet made of bronze and clay. These were the feet or foundation of the Church in Nashville. The enemy was exploiting and attacking the weaknesses of the church region. I then saw the foot gear of His preparation of the Gospel of Peace shod on the Churches feet. They were given a special ability and authority to trample on this present onslaught of serpents and scorpions.

I saw a "Great Divide" the enemy had created between the prophets in Nashville to separate the chorus and choir of their voices. But I then saw a counter attack from the Lord that would restore harmony and unity amongst the company of prophets that has been assembled in Nashville, TN. The confusion and even embarrassment that has nipped at their heels is coming to a swift end. Their voices will find a crescendo together in the high places of the city again.

I heard a song being sung in the Spirit over Nashville, "Jezebel, Jezebel, has fallen in the streets. Jezebel, Jezebel, is dead at the prophet's feet..." That witch that hides in the skirts of religion is being exposed and being brought low from her lofty position. Even this night her time is shortened.

I saw the hand of the Lord pushing forward the hour hand of a clock and He said, 'The enemies time on the earth is now shortened. Not only is his time short, but is shortened says the Lord Sabaoth.

I then began to declare by the Spirit of Prophecy a 14 day fast. A Daniel fast that would break the satanic stronghold over the city of Nashville. Like in Daniel's day, our prophetic persistence will break down the satanic resistance.

The cry over Nashville is, "The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!" (Judges 7:18). Gideon's ancient strategy will now be implemented. The tearing down of the enemies altars and authority in the high places in the city. To be replaced with the Word and prophetic Voice of the Lord. The prophets will stand in the high place of authority and influence in Nashville to declare a day of reckoning and vengeance upon the enemies of the cross. The Spirit and image of Diana is coming down. Even this day it begins.

January 3rd -- 2:17 A.M. Chad Taylor