Prophecy For The Nation


The enemy desires to take Clinton out so he can move in prematurely, the antichrist. I say in this hour pray for your president, It is not my will that he falls, it is my will that he stands, this is the attack of the enemy, this is the attack from the dark one against this country. If he can remove him, he can remove the morale of this country, and from that will come a dark flood, a dark flood across this land and this is premature says the Lord.

I'm the lifter of your presidents head, I'm a lifter of his head says the Lord. I am calling forth my people to support him and to lift his arms up. This winter says the Lord, there will even be two terrorist attempts upon this country but because of the prayers of my saints I will hold this back. They are even planning and plotting this attack even now against this country and it is not my will says the Lord that this takes place. I will call my people to cry out 'mercy' to cry out 'grace', to cry 'grace', 'grace', grace'; but I say this hour as this winter dawns upon you, the enemy desires to take lives, but I say this winter there shall be some of the greatest breakthroughs you have seen upon this earth. There shall be some of the greatest breakthroughs In your personal lives and as the enemy tries to cast this dark shadow I'll come up behind him and shine a greater light and it will override him and overwhelm him and he will flee and as you resist him and submit to me he will flee from this country.

For the foundations of this country and the blood or your forefathers cries out to me for the blood that was spilt for the liberty of this land, liberty and the prayers they will come up as a memorial before me says the Lord, it is not time for the ship to sink says the Lord. The enemy desires a shipwreck, without this ship of faith he can prematurely wipe out the harvest but I say this ship must stand, the ship must fly and it must sail into the nations says the Lord.

As spring dawns upon you in 1999 I will begin to launch out Into the nations strategically many of you and many ministries that are in this country and begin to launch out into the nations, I will strategically place lighthouses throughout this earth. Strategically as the darkness and as the hole and pit opens up and as the locusts begin to fly I will have lighthouses of prayer strategically placed throughout this land, and they will Illuminate the darkness says the Lord. As spring dawns upon you I will send out strategically my warriors into the land and they will strategically make strongholds, strongholds of righteousness, strongholds of life, of prayer, throughout the nations and as summer dawns upon you the greatest harvest will take place that the earth has ever seen and I will break out in such ways as you have never laid your eyes upon.

This summer,1999, mark it down, says the Lord, as I bring you through the waters the waters will part and even this fall and as you cross over and as spring dawns upon you, I will launch you into the nations and mobilize my army and mobilize a mighty force, I will launch you into the nations and mobilize my army and mobilize a mighty force into the land. This summer great exploits will take place the greatest influx in the kingdom shall take place In the summer of 1999 and as fall dawns upon the earth in 1999 I will begin to rise up my Apostles and in their maturation and fruition. I will begin to rise them up in 1999 the fall of 99 and my Apostles shall begin to mobilize the army and they shall be like beams and mighty pillars In my kingdom.

So as the millennium dawns upon you, the Apostles will be great strength as they begin to build the Church and they will begin to mobilize the army In a way that never has been done since the beginning of time. As the 2000 mark rises and races toward you there will be an army In force and a house that Is built and as the wind and rain come in the year 2000 and the wind and rain begin to beat upon the earth, there shall be a house that Is built says the Lord, an Apostolic Prophetic house. An Apostolic house, living stones says the Lord. As the wind and rain beat upon this house nothing will be able to come against it, nothing will be able to make it fall because it's built on the foundation of Christ, it's built upon Jesus, not untempered mortar, it's built on the foundation of Jesus, by the blood of the Saints. Jesus Christ the chief Cornerstone.

Taking the streets to the church
and compelling them to go out...

Chad Taylor - 10/10/98

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