by Chad Taylor

This last week the New England region has become intensely highlighted and emphasized in the Spirit to me.  I began to receive emails and confirmations from this particular region as this continued to occur.  Below is snap shots of spiritual visions I have been receiving and specific words for the New England states and regions.  If you are from New England then capture this word for yourself and with it "wage a good warfare..."
The scripture for this state for this season and year is Matthew 11:12, "the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it be force..."  The word violence in this context in the Greek is "bee-ad-zo" which means "to force or to be seized".   Vermont is going to be violently seized by the Holy Spirit this year.  The will of God will "force" its way into agenda and tradition and "seize" possession of her.  Jesus did this in the temple in Matt. 21, He violently seized the temple and immediately the lame and halt were healed there.  This spiritual violence will be highlighted in the youth as they are "possessed" by the Holy Ghost and surrender their complete essence to the Lord.  For the first time they will not be stifled or stopped as they begin to relentlessly pursue the glory of God.  They will be the "be-as-tace" of God, or the "enforcers" which the word "violent" means in Greek, "the violent take it by force" will sum up the entire existence of these people as they violently take hold of Heaven in Vermont.
 I also see a violent or forceful intercession coming to Vermont like a woman in her final term as she goes into delivery.  A violence is going to produce a vision in Vermont that will rend the veil of contemporary understanding.  A violence for her vision is going to overtake her and an intense intercession will immediately ensue.  Even as people read this prophetic utterance a violent state of prayer will fall on them.  A intercession capable of wresting the destiny of New England from the enemies clutches.  These things will be marked and followed by unusual and sometimes violent natural occurrences that will compliment and agree with the spiritual dynamic at work in Vermont.  Vermont will be a hammer in My hand says the Lord to break the rock of religion in the land.   Even now the hammer is striking.
I hard the Lord say so clearly, "A counterfeit in Connecticut".  A counterfeit movement was going to attempt to deceive and mis-lead the church but the Lord would cut it short.  A false apostolic appearing would attempt to steal the glory of the Lord and heap it to itself the anointing but the genuine would eclipse it.  What was meant to be a strategic ploy of the enemy would be turned into a divine display of God's true glory in Connecticut.  The "smoky mirrors" of religion would be shattered and the Perfect Law of Liberty would be established in this region.  The counterfeit in Connecticut would be countered by a grass-roots revival that would happen amongst the common man and woman.  The glitz and glamour of showmanship would not be allowed to rob His people of their true inheritance. 
I saw a great wedding table being set in Massachusetts.  A time of intense intimacy is being granted to her.  Like the high priest was given allowance to enter the holy of holies, so will Massachusetts be permitted into the secret place of the Most High.  A deep awe will fall upon the worshipers and a holy hush will captivate many as they assemble.  A thick cloud will even be seen as the Father manifests His glory to them.  A third heaven door will be open to the solemn assemblies that occur in 2004 and beyond.  A prophetic mandate to worship will be angelically granted as the year progresses.  She will not be able to escape the enormity of her destiny.  A spirit of evangelism and outreach will escalate exponentially as the command of Jesus is emphasized, "go into the hi-ways and bi-ways and compel them to come in that My Father's house will be full".  A shocking revelation of what true worship is will shake the spiritual foundation of Massachusetts in the coming days. 
A book of Acts experience is going to occur in Rhode Island.  A shaking and re-awakening in her.  An invitation to ride into His presence will be granted and only the ones who will count the cost will follow.  A separation like the sheep and the goats in Matt. 25 will begin in this region.  The lip service will no longer be sufficient and the people will be arrested by a spiritual hunger.  A famine of hearing God's word will hang over Rhode Island through the spring creating a passion in His people to seek Him personally and intensely.  As summer approaches the Heavens will be rended and the mountains will melt at His presence and Rhode Island will shake under the weight of His glory.  A remnant will arise with fire in their eyes to ride with the King into victory.  Rhode Island will take a prominent position as fall arrives and in November they will be prepared to fight the good fight.  Righteousness will prevail and her prayers will not fail says the Lord.
The old wine skins of religious thinking will burst as the paradigm in New Hampshire suddenly shifts.  Literally overnight the paradigm will be overtaken with new wine of revelation and the priests steeped in tradition will hear a sound like Samuel and prepare the courts for the King.  A visitation will begin within the corridors and courts of the pious and piety will give way to passion and the New Wine will be poured out.  The old wine skins will be thrown aside as a people pilgrimage up the mountain of transfiguration.  Nothing from the past will hold them back as they persist in this holy pursuit.  New Hampshire will be the head and not the tail as their passion for His presence prevails.  The old shackles of thinking will break under the weight of His knowledge.  The bowls are being poured out in New Hampshire!  Come and drink says the Lord.  Behold, an open door.
I saw a crown on the head of Maine.  I saw a French flag burning.  A spiritual authority is being placed on the head and heart of Maine.  A sudden significance will be placed upon her this year.  The eyes of kings and Queens will be upon her as Maine progresses toward her position.  The church will ask what they will and it will be granted.  An open Heaven, a window of blessing is over her.  She will divide the wealth of the wicked for the righteous as a father would divide an inheritance with his children.  The heart of a father will resound in Maine as the Mind of Christ rests upon her.  The French will be on fire as the Lord's desire arrests their hearts.  The Lord will catch the heel of the French and turn them toward Heaven.  Maine will receive her measure in 2004.  And with it will come an authority and a blessing for the nations of the world.  My eye is upon New England.
Chad Taylor