New Orleans is a hinge to the rest of America and our re-action to her will be a determining factor of our social and religious futures.  It will also be a dividing line between who is sincerely standing in the gap and who is not.  New Orleans will sift this nation like wheat and the judgment of it will begin in the House of God.
It will divide those who have a true prophetic heart and those who do not; the sheep will cry for compassion and begin to seek God for their own cities and streets, the goats will continue with business as usual fueling the machine of false hope and mis-led manifestations.  Wooing the army into a slumber while the Captain of the Host is calling to the humble and courageous to engage the enemy and arrest our cities with His presence.
Many will be sifted in this time of unrest and unsettling and their motive will be laid bare.  This current crisis will catapult the true church into the harvest fields with vengeance.  A light will be seen over New Orleans in the coming days and kings will come to the brightness of its rising.  A glory will be birthed from the chaos and on the anvil of tragedy a two-edges sword will be forged.  On this sword is written: JUDGMENT AND JUSTICE.
A wave of judgment will begin to visit this nation vindicating the unborn and the murdered.  Those that have prophesied "Peace, Peace" when there was no peace shall be found wanting and their cisterns broken.  They will be bankrupt but spared.  Many terrorist cells imbedded in America will be uncovered and to our dismay so will their connections to religious institutions and church bodies. I am taking the wool off the eyes of this nation and exposing the wolves in sheep's clothing says the Lord.  Watch this and be amazed.
I am removing the tables of the money changers and the robbers that have paraded as prophets but are not.  Apostles falsely so called that have bred a movement out of false pretense and pride will be uncovered and undone.  The shepherds that have abandoned my flock and left them lying in the streets un-fed and un-covered will pass under my Shepherd's rod this year and I will prove their hearts if they are for Me or against Me.  I will leave them to their own devices and it will be to their demise.
The heart of Jeremiah will be released and My prophets will speak the true word of the Lord. They will not continue to succumb to the will of man and the desire of the people.  They will stand in the gates of the city with a two-edged sword discerning the intents of the heart.  They will cry "GRACE GRACE" to this mountain of injustice that faces us.  Woe be to them if they preach not my word for necessity has been laid upon them in this hour.
I am sounding the alarm in My holy mountain and I am calling a solemn assembly.  Take away from Me the sound of your songs and the sounds that you have invented, but let judgment run down as waters and righteousness as a mighty stream. Plead the cause of the fatherless and judge the case for the widow and orphan in affliction.  Open up your storehouses and release that which is mine that you have re-possessed.  I will account for every jot and tittle in this time of sifting and require it at your hand.  For this is a nation in the balances and the hour of judgment in My house has begun.
Now watch and wonder at what is about to happen says the Lord.  This place that you call New Orleans will be made NEW and I will restore what has been devoured.  From this city under siege will come forth an army from the North, South, East and West that will be moved by compassion to heal the leper.  I will remove the political obstacles that are a stumbling block to My will and set on course a revival.  It will shake the foundation of what is called church and the foundations will be discovered.  Stand your ground O ye saints for the bell of justice will now toll.
Two principalities have fallen and the heavens are in the throes of violence.  My people will occupy and I will come to judge and make war.  I am usurping a ancient spirit that has abided in the South and the gates of justice are swinging wide.  I am breaking the "Bible Belt" and replacing it with the Belt of Truth equipping the saints for ministry.  This city under seige will see a great light the glory of the Lord will arise.

Chad Taylor