From Oxford to Stanford -- My Glory will be Revealed
By Chad Taylor
"Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars hill, and said, 'You men of Athens, I perceive that in all things you are too superstitious.  For as I passed by and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD.  To whom you ignorantly worship, HIM I NOW DECLARE TO YOU."  (Acts 17:22-23).
In this hour My name will be declared in the halls of intellectualism and atheism.  I will show Myself to them as I did to Saul and they will be smitten with revelation.  I will blind them to their own knowledge and open their eyes to My glory.  They will see Me high and lifted up and they will be saved.  I will replace their atheism with an apostolic anointing that will shake the nations.  From these places of higher learning I will reveal a greater glory.  Books will be written and history created as I brood on the face of the deep.  Riot will turn to revival as My face is seen in their text books and manuals.  The writing on the wall in these institutions will be, "A chosen generation."
Poets, prophetic minstrels, actors, actresses, dancers and entrepreneurs will emerge from the wind of My Spirit to change the landscape of the world.  They will shape and change the hearts of a generation with their inspired creativity and art.  Movies and music will resound with sound of My voice as My children echo Heaven.  The waves of divine creativity and thinking will crash down on the shores of the nations rescuing millions from the shadows of despair.  Those ensnared in poverty will leap with prosperity as My Spirit redeems the time.  Resurrecting the dry bones of creation and creativity as My children lay their hands to the plow.  The slain dreams of millions will rise to impact the nations of the world.
I will breath the breath of life on the children of the baby-boomers and they will see a great light.  They will follow the star of My dreams to impact Hollywood and Broadway.  And their children's children will rewrite the screenplays and the songs of the secular to reveal My glory.  MTV will be invaded with a new sound of Spiritual creativity and creation.  Producers and directors will grasp eternity in film and script.  On stages and stadiums the sound of this revival will be heard.  In the sports arenas and bowl games my chosen generation will shine.  They will hold the flame of Olympic torches and international medals as My grace is seen.  Now will the baskets and bushels of religion be burned, and from its smoke a mighty army will emerge.
From Oxford to Stanford My light will shine.  In the midst of their unbelief I will open the eyes of the blind.  They will come in the middle of the night saying, "How can I be born again?"  In the midst of conflict and controversy I will forgive their sin.  As the world looks on from CNN I will be glorified from their lecture halls and dorms.  I will accelerate their education and doctors and lawyers will go into foreign fields distant lands to defend the poor and powerless.  From universities and community colleges a cry of harvest will be heard.  I trumpet with a certain sound will summon My army.  They will slay intellectual dragons and trample on the serpents of the wise. 
Now is the time.  Now is the time says the Lord.  Now is the time for harvest and revival.  My glory will be reflected and revealed in those that step out.  They will walk on My Word and pass over on dry land.  Having done all, they will stand.  Defying the spirit of the age they will invade.  They will violently take the Kingdom and possess the land, occupying until I come.  They will accomplish the things that I have done.  They will reach for a greater as that perfect day appears.  Entire campuses will be swept up in a storm of My glory, from Catholic to Presbyterian, they will dance with all their might.  From these places a model will be created for end time harvest and revival.


Chad Taylor
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