A Word for Pensacola Florida & Brownsville

By Chad Taylor

There is another wave coming but it will originate in the lowest places.
This will not disqualify those places that have been a part of His
outpouring, really these places are now prepared for the greatest influx of
human souls into the Kingdom that the earth has ever experienced.

I see a burning bush in Brownsville.  It will be a sign and a wonder to
those that are the tail and not the head.  In this hour the generation gap
will be truly filled.  I will consecrate the congregation.  I will also
remove the walls that still remain between church and church, and
denomination and denomination.  An army of One will arise from the dust of
previous battles and victories, even defeats to possess the land.

I will do even more than you can think or ask.  Some would say, "We have
seen it all..."  I would say to you, "You haven't seen nothing yet!"  This
latter house will be greater than the former.  The house that I am building
will reach the hidden treasures of darkness that have yet to be reached.
From this next wave will Hollywood be swept in, MTV, and the places that
have been forgotten.  I will eclipse the movement of the 70's and you will
see the greater works in this hour says the Lord.

I am yet to pour out a greater in Pensacola.  A concentration of forces will
occur.  A united front.  The tapestries of jealousy that has divided will be
rent in two.  They will see Me in you.  The greater works shall you now do.
Cast your nets on the other side.  There is yet a greater harvest and a
greater revival on the horizon.

Chad Taylor