The tapestries of religion will begin to unravel as the Kingdom is wrested from the hands of Saul into the heart of David. No longer will the hands of man lay siege to the will of God making the promises of no effect. But a clarion call of allegiance to My heart will undo the centuries of rhetoric and ritual that has bound my children to a lie. I will make a way of escape from the prison of self indulgence and this generation will set the stage of self-sacrifice. 2006 will be the beginning of the end of Saul’s house and the spear of religion will make an end to its enterprise. Seven signs will mark this year as the beginning of these things, 4 in the economy and 3 in the natural as an era comes to an end.


The cry of "Peace, Peace" will resound in the assemblies only underlining the religious anarchy coming. The pilgrimage from the traditional landscape will continue as a peculiar generation shakes off the dust of past experience for a more extreme one. The altar of predictability will be trampled by the feet of greater expectation as the masses press into an open heaven. The rod of carnal correction will no longer dictate the ebb and tide of My presence. I will open up the flood gates and wash away the levees of man made theology. Bankruptcy will mark many ministries as the desire of mammon implodes. But the small and the simple will inherit the earth as they stand in new fields of opportunity. I will open the floodgates of finances into the storehouses of the faithful. Widows and single mothers will step into the spotlight of My will as this year unfolds preparing the way of the uncomely parts. Honor will be given to the least of these as another cultural phenomenon explodes marking major cities with My presence.


From the banisters and porches of Venice a new sound will be heard as I arrest this city with My presence. For there are those that I have hidden; a bloodline of righteousness for a 1000 years that will now be revealed and the doors of authority will give way to them. The hearts and hands that have resisted My purpose will release the keys of the city. Watch the rising tide of My presence says the Lord. I will confirm this with signs following and what appears to be small in your eyes will not be despised in Mine. I will take a small seedling of faith and prayer and grow it up into a great ensign of refuge and revival. A prophetic wind will blow down the corridors of ancient edifices declaring and defining the future. Many nations will rise and fall from the prayers of this place as the fuse of reformation is lit.


As the lamp of liberty goes out civil unrest will rise. Blackouts and other disruptions in communications will occur signaling a breakdown in traditional mindsets and hierarchal authorities. The intricate tapestries of religious morality will begin to unravel revealing the deceptions beneath the pious positions of many. I will upset the thrones of those self appointed and remove their seats of authority. The smoke of civil disruption will fill the afternoon sky and the burning fires of revolution will illuminate the midnight hour. This year will be the starting block of reformation in you O England as the bones of your forefathers cry out from the grave, "Let us reason together!" I will come into your cities on "the foal of a donkey" and your children shall be filled with perfect praise. A nucleus of youth will instigate the flames of change raising the bar of education and economy.


Even as they said to Elisha, "Please notice, the situation of this city is pleasant, as my lord sees; but the water is bad, and the ground barren…" The spiritual pollution and political corruption will not prevail over this present generation. A Joshua and Caleb revolution shall take place. Both young and old will take to the streets of South Africa and light the fires of reformation. The smoke of their prayers will fill the skies and it will be a sign and wonder to millions. Seats of spiritual and political authority will suddenly become vacant creating a vacuum that will be filled by My will. Watch and see as the shackles of pride and prejudice come loose as the midnight prayers of My people prevail. I will confirm this word with signs following.


Economic icons will rise and fall just as the ocean tide comes in and out. I am laying My hand upon chosen vessels who will come from the halls of obscurity with a sword of wittyinvention and will slay the principalities of elitism. New invention and already patented technology will put what was currently impossible within reach. The most common man will expedite his efforts creating a land slide of progress causing many corporations and business to bankrupt. Small businesses and entrepreneurs will set new trends and create wealth that will rival those established for decades. This will create a spiritual momentum unrivaled in human history as missionary bases and training centers transform entire nations economically and spiritually.


Unbelievable events will continue to amaze and astound the sciences working simultaneously with heavenly breakthroughs creating an atmosphere of miracles. Groundbreaking mathematic theory will continue to rewrite history setting the stage for astronomical anomalies that will even alter gravity, the earth’s axis and the rotation of the planet. Unexplainable weather changes will mark certain regions and nations for a series of supernatural events. The earth itself will begin to demarcate the lines of revival and harvest leaving only the church to respond to it. The first responders to these unprecedented events will mark the pages of history as they set the pace for the future. The systematic theology of contemporary Christianity will give way under the pressure of this translation from old to new. 2006 will be a benchmark year as this global transition gains irreversible momentum defining the next 50 years of ministry.


Please stand firm with us as we transition as well this year. No doubt as a prophetic ministry our personal lives would inevitably reflect the words expressed above. We too as a family feel the strain of change and the pressure of transition - do you? August may be the hinge of change this year as this summer month catapults us into the future and His will for our personal lives. We need strong agreement as we take these visions and ideas God has given us to help the church move into this new era. Our faith has been stretched as it appears that we often give more than we have but that is what defines a forerunner and pioneer of anything natural or spiritual. Would you in light of the prophetic word earnestly consider how you can help us move forward as a ministry this year? I want to share a very powerful testimony from a friend in Norway that has taken the challenge of agreement with us to heart. As you read her testimony below in her own words would you then ask the Lord how you can participate? We need you - no holds barred we need a new army of warriors willing to get into the trenches of transition with us as we face the future valiantly. Set the bar high as you sow into the soil of change and revival that we as a church so desperately need now more than ever. Chad Taylor

BEGIN QUOTE: "About one year ago I had prayed a long time for The Lord to lead me where and when and how much to give regarding my tithing and offerings to The Lord since I had no Church attachment or relation here in Norway, neither could I find a Spirit filled place to belong either. Also the Lord had very specifically showed me from His Word that the alter makes a difference in whether or not my gift is accepted in The Lords eyes (Matthew 23:17-21). Simultaneously I had a legal case going regarding my newly purchased home... The Lord had been speaking very clear to me also, about small ministries about to step out into God's plan, who were hindered or delayed due to lack of finances. Often because givers were focused more on media ministries only and did not hear the whisper of The Holy Spirit regarding these things. The Lord had also shown me that local revivals were also difficult - without LOCAL ON FIRE Church communities THEN; As I from time to time was checking the internet for the prophetic – I was once led to Chad Taylor and his Consuming Fire Ministries Web site. I glanced at it, had a positive response to the name and left the site. But shortly after I was led to this website again and then wanting to partner with this ministry since reading Chad's prophesies was like reading God's own heart and it became such confirmations into my own heart as well. Now; After the above mentioned court case I received a compensation of approx. USD 3.000,- during this time. To me it meant a lot and I looked forward to spending it... THEN The Holy Spirit spoke clearly to me that I should give it to Chad Taylor's ministry. I was quite surprised and gave half of it.. Then The Lord's still small voice came to me and said: "ALL of it, Eva"... This time I was quick to obey and My Lord and savior Jesus Christ has blessed me ever since! With the gift I asked for salvation prayers for my son, and I can see and hear that The Lord is doing a great work in him already! His business has steadfastly continued forward and today my daughter and her family got a NEW HOUSE after seeking for some time. (Which is not easy over here and very expensive as well). They got the house they had wanted for a long time! I MUST GIVE MY TESTIMONY that ever since I was obedient to The Lord and gave to this ministry I have been able to give gifts for USD 1.000,- at several occasions .To me that was absolutely unthinkable a year ago! I don't even know how it is possible now! I am simply blessed. And I see my children are so blessed! The Lord is FAITHFUL when we HEED His voice and act on it and give where HE tells each one of us to give. And I expect The Lord to bless me ever more so that I may keep alive that which HE wants to... Consuming Fire Ministries is DOING and WORKING the Lords heart: SOULS, souls and souls through helping widows and fatherless, showing Gods mercy and love in ACTION made possible through Christian unity. Continuous Blessings to you and your ministry people from Eva Nilssen in Laardal, Norway



Chad Taylor