Apocalyptic Anomalies and End Time Paradigms: 2005 and Beyond

"Look among the nations and watch be utterly astounded! For I will work a work in your days which you would not believe, though it were told you." (Habakkuk 1:5).


The currents, tides and winds shall bend to my pleasure says the Lord. As you see these things come to pass know that the thrones of kings and princes are hinged upon these natural events. As the plates shift and the earth releases its fire, know that it is only fulfilling My desire. As the gale winds blow uprooting and displacing rock and earth know too that principalities and powers are toppling and giving place to My will. I will mark these places in time by unusual and strange signs in the heavens above and earth beneath. It will uncover My secrets and reveal My mysteries to the world. All peoples shall see it and be amazed. Watch Mt. Saint Helens she is an ensign to the coming revival in Washington State and Oregon. Watch the fault lines of California it will indicate the direction and desire of My spirit. Watch the hurricanes in the South they are a landmark of the rising tide of My presence in the East. Watch and wonder.


I will open up the hidden treasures of darkness in the place called Alaska. I will unlock the secret treasures in the Rockies. I will anoint the science of excavation and paleontology revealing an end time surplus of oil and supply. I will give eyes to the blind and they will see My hidden treasures. I will remove the resistance disguised as conservationism and give back to My people their inheritance upon this earth. I will give them back the anointing Adam once had in Eden when he took dominion over the land and used its resources. My servants and stewards shall harness this power and the wealth of the wicked will finally be in the hands of the righteous says the Lord. In the next 4 years you will see groundbreaking legislation which will open up these frontiers to witty inventions and great discovery drying up the dependence on Middle Eastern commodity. The Rocky Mountains will cascade with My provisions says the Lord.


I saw a dragon falling from the sky and into the eastern ocean. The blood of this ocean turned red like blood. A triune counsel of wickedness is being broken. Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. This unholy trinity will no longer possess its authority. For in these days many have said "God would not judge them" but I say I have already judged them and I will now set their captives free. You will see groundbreaking reform in the next five years in these places to the extent that Christianity will prevail. The dragon of Islam will be pushed out as a flood of My servants enter these borders and establish My kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. I will place my representatives into positions of ruler ship and authority creating a spiritual paradigm thus manifesting a harvest unparalleled in modern history. Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan you are in the palm of My hand says the Lord. Islam is a dying dragon wounded by the prayers of the saints and from her bowels billions will be saved.


I will lead my people from the land of Sodom and Gomorrah. Like Abraham of old I will send my chosen vessels into the bowels of these places to open the prison to them that are bound and set the captives free. Millions of marching feet will be heard in the streets as they come out of the closet of their own despair to follow Me. I will give them a new heart and renew their mind and they will be leaders and prophets in these end times. What others have despised are precious in My eyes says the Lord. Arise and shine to an appointed time and the least of these shall be a great and exceeding army. A significant medical breakthrough will occur in the HIV disease in 2005 - a landmark to My deliverance. Key leaders in the homosexual community who are also represented in Hollywood will be saved and impact this community unprecedented. You will see it and rejoice.


As Daniel confronted the Prince of Persia so are my saints confronting the Princes of North Korea and Iran in this hour. I am calling a concentration of intercession toward these two countries says the Lord. I will open the floodgates of prayer and My people will overcome. They will come out with a divine concentration of prayer and fasting. I will anoint a certain leader and ambassador in N. Korea that will do My bidding. This leader will have my heart as Daniel did in Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom and will turn many to righteousness. He will be a peace maker between North and South and the stubborn barriers will fall between them. 2005 will mark the beginning of great transition in these places and it will be published abroad though news and media. There will be blood in the streets of Iran but from these fallen seeds of sacrifice will come much fruit. Watch, wonder and be amazed.


I will open up the matrix of cancer and put within reach of My servants a cure. In human weakness and frailty My strength will be perfected. You will hear it said in the corridors of the dying and diseased, "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?" I will catapult science and medical knowledge a century ahead as I unravel the mysteries before them. The icon of cancer will crumble under the feet of My servants says the Lord. They will walk the halls of the esteemed and legendary glorifying My name as Joseph did in Egypt. Like Moses, My servants will break the back of plagues and disease to set a people free from the bondage of sin. I will hasten it to be Says the Lord of Sabaoth. "The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet." (1st Cor. 15:55, Rom 16:20).


I am removing the barrier of earth and space and will allow this world to peer into the next with unparalleled clarity and focus. I am not only opening the spiritual heavens but the physical one as well. The gravity of this present paradigm will not hold back a new generation of physicists and scientists who will reveal eternity. The archaic teaching of evolution will be unraveled as my servants peel back the Truth from the layers of humanism and godlessness. The minds of the children will grasp the depths of discovery unfolding and communicate the heart of God. New worlds and galaxies will give way to this Enoch generation. They will walk with God and tell a world of what they have seen and heard. They will discern the depths of creation and untie the knot of ignorance that has bound My people for centuries. They will go where no man has gone before.


What you have said you will do in three years you will do in one. What you have said you will do in five years you will do in two. What you have said you will do in ten years you will do in three. I will put your vision before you and it will be made manifest. For this is the year of ADVANCEMENT both spiritually and naturally and the land I promised your forefathers will be inherited. Boundaries and limitation that hitherto have held you back will now be leaped over as I accelerate you into My will. The veil of resistance will be rent in two as My people step out in obedience to the divine call. This year you will leap you into the future and redeem the time re-digging the wells of hope and opening the prison doors of the impossible. My captives will go free. This is your mandate says the Lord, "Ask of me, and I shall give you the heathen for your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession."

Chad Taylor
Dec. 23rd, 2004