The Provisioners

Chad Taylor




I Heard The Lord Say Today, "Open Up The Supply Lines And The Provisioners Will Come!"


pro·vision·er: n : a supplier of victuals or supplies to an army...



We met today in the thick humid air of Southwest, GA. and I heard the Lord say, "OPEN UP THE SUPPLY LINES AND THE PROVISIONERS WILL COME!" A provisioner as I later found out at was a supplier to the army during battle. This is a strategic prophetic statement that we must declare over Ochlocknee, GA. and beyond. I believe the Lord made this statement as it relates to the team coming from Haverhill, MA. as released in our previous report, "THE YANKEES ARE COMING!" last month.


A team from "The Edge of The Jordan Cafe" will be leaving Massachusetts this Monday July 4th (how ironic?) and driving with trucks and trailer to Ochlocknee to help us rebuild the pool house and bathrooms to the public pool we have take possession of. Amazing that the laborers have to come from New England because the workers are so few here? We have literally been at a complete standstill because of the lack of workers and have been forced to simply stand our ground and occupy. The reality as it was in Jesus' day is the believers are many but the ones willing to get in the trenches and bleed are very few. By and large we have become so preoccupied with self and religious activities that often disguise themselves as good works, we are no longer effective in expanding God's true Kingdom. We have become a charismatic machine that spins it's prophetic wheels and really goes nowhere...


Our cities remain desolate and still not rebuilt as we parade to the next event. But thank God He is raising up deliverer's and builders that will do the work of 20 and the walls of the city will be restored! Like Ezra and Nehemiah they will face down the resistance and criticisms and forge ahead to finish what they have started. Be of good cheer the Lord will give us the Kingdom! I want to decree a challenge to the "provisioners" or those able to "open up the supply line". I believe one interpretation of this word is that there are certain individuals that have the "POWER" to open of the windows of Heaven and release a blessing that the frontlines will not be able to even contain. They have the power in their willingness to give that will break the stubborn resistance that has held places like Ochlocknee, GA. hostage for decades. Their offering will break the back of poverty and release a river of provision to finish the work at hand.


The provisioners will open up the supply line by their radical obedience to give! This is truly a profound word that we must pray through and release. Will you do this with me? Also those that are "provisioners" and suppliers to the army of God in position to take these cities will you be obedient to release what God has given you? First you must break the gravity of what can be seen and begin to see the invisible and only then will you have the faith to release the provision needed without fear. Millions of souls and the future of a generation literally hangs in the balances of obedience; on one side fear and the lack of courage to release and on the other hand self-sacrifice and vision that will see the outcome and rend the veil of the temporal and reach into the future of our cities and land.


I pray that this very day provisioners are raised up out of the ashes of previous disappointment and let downs to give into our campaign here in Ochlocknee, GA. What a shame that they will travel 1500 miles on their own means and we can not have the ability to help them once they arrive? We need a supply NOW to meet the needs of this public pool and the team that arrives Wed. July 6th. We need to rent a back hoe and heavy machinery to clear the land and the other tools needed to make this possible. We need food and water and other necessities to feed and care for the workers coming. Not to mention our basic needs as a ministry to function and accommodate the army that is being raised up around us to possess this land. The last three months has been a literal miracle of survival as "provisioners" from around the world have helped us hold this ground from being robbed and pillaged by the enemy. We must have more to finish the fight.


This Proverb applies to this message, "Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do it. Say not to your neighbor, "Go, and come back later, and tomorrow I will give it; when you have it by you..." Proverbs 3:27-28. You that have the "power" to release the supply lines please respond now. Go to this link and use the options presented to give today and advance the Kingdom of God exponentially. The team from New England leaves Monday July 1st please pray for their provision in coming and their safety.


Yours for Him, Chad Taylor