by Chad Taylor

"Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, you, and all this people, to the land which I do give to them, even to the children of Israel. Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that I have given to you, as I said to Moses..." (Joshua 1:2-3).


What once was is now ended and a new day do I declare. Your time of mourning over past dispensations is over and the dawning of a new day has come. From the mourning procession of previous revivals a new breed will emerge with a torch of new beginnings in their hand. They will blaze the road of my return and set the nations afire with a new vision of their future escaping the gravity of history and launching into a new understanding of Me. The eyes of the nations will be enlightened and they will abound more and more in the knowledge of God. As the world mourns the close of one era a spirit of Philip will arrest this generation and they will shed the garments of sorrow and go down to Samaria to set the captives free. They will not mimic or mime their predecessors but will speak a word in season to a world in crisis. Not only will they be harbingers of repentance but of hope and mercy as well. They will walk as I walked and they will only do what they see their Father in Heaven do. The smell of pretense and pre-planning will not fill My temple any longer but the aroma of a living sacrifice. Stephen is dead but Philip is still alive!


From this ancient place shall spring forth a new order that will define the future. A new face will be seen that does not wear the title of Catholicism or Protestantism but will shine like the face of an angel. They will carry a wisdom that the world cannot gainsay or rebuke. The seeds of Paul the Apostle shall come to maturation in these places springing up a harvest unprecedented in recent times. The foundation of the Apostles and Prophets will hold the weight of glory that will soon follow the seeds that have fallen to the ground and died; they will now bear much fruit. Watch the political tides in these places and you will see My hand shaping and changing the heart of a kingdom. I will open up the gates and the King of Glory will come in. I will harness the creative anointing in these places and use it to inspire the hearts of a generation, they will see a new song and dance the dance of David. A evangelistic explosion will occur in these providences and kingdoms spurring a fast work which will open the door to a new era ushering in My appointed and anointed. They will declare the Word of the Lord with daring boldness echoing the exploits of Paul and Peter. With this explosion will also come extreme persecution that will result in riot and mayhem in Rome's streets and squares but many will be saved and the head of Diana will fall. Many will be the testimonies from these days and many will be the victories that come from them. Watch with earnest expectation this apostolic womb.


You have only begun to see the Son and the unfinished work yet to be done in these notable places and people. I have reserved a special anointing for these 4 years that will set in motion the next 30. I will eclipse all that you have ever seen or done in the days to come. Do not look back at the former fire and do not linger at the well of previous experiences but I say climb higher up the mountain of expectation and view the landscape of My hope and glory. For the future I have predestined for you is greater than what you have previously seen. You will hear an amplified voice of righteousness come form the highest seats of authority as I release angels of government and harvest that have hitherto been restrained. They will carry My heart into chambers of legislation and law releasing a standard that will endure for a generation. I will loose you from the restraint of previous decisions that have brought to this land a curse. I will take supremacy in the supreme court and the sound of liberty will resound. A fire has been kindled and the floods of hell cannot put it out. My law will be exemplified and justified and the highest courts in this land will echo these mandates.


This is the year of the prodigal. The smoke of celebration will be seen from the rooftops as families rejoice from answered prayer. Those that have committed their hearts to evangelism will be rewarded exceedingly and abundantly more than they can ask or think. I will now give them the fruit of all their labors says the Lord of Harvest. Ministries that have aligned themselves with My heart and have not forgotten the widows and orphans will reap the greater blessing in this hour. I will expand their borders and strengthen their tent stakes and the blessings of the Lord shall overtake them. I have reserved the best seat in My house for the outcast and offscouring of this present world. Many in this hour will be taken to a lower seat as I promote the poor and destitute into a position of honor. Those that have humbled themselves under My mighty hand will now be exalted. Many that have laid claim to destinies and anointing that are not their own will relinquish them now to the simple and just. These humble servants returning from the fields of famine will find a signet ring of My authority and a robe of My glory that will carry them to the uttermost parts of the earth. I will give the heathen as their inheritance and the nations as their possession. Watch and see if it isn't so.


I will put my people in a position of proprietorship and ownership; they will possess the land. They will walk in the footsteps of Barnabas who laid claim to the apostolic anointing by his obedience to give. I will give the keys of obedience into the hands of this generation and they will accomplish the greater works. I will loose the hinges of wealth with the oil of giving in this hour to open up the windows of Heaven. There will be an abundance that cannot be contained and yet will have no number because as it increases in so will it be poured out. A river of resources will flood the land and propel my harvesters deep into the fields of prosperity. They will be the Barnabas's that equip the saints for works of service. The poor will be fed, the naked will be clothed and the prisoner will see a dawning a new light. Facilities will spring up in divers and sundry places that will accomplish more in a year than all of their predecessors combined. They will be a beacon of faith to an Egypt in famine giving from the storehouses of their obedience.


I have not come to bring peace but a sword says the Lord. Some of your most fierce opposers will be those of your own household. The distinction between the obedient and malcontent will become clear. No longer will the two abide together. Harvest will be the decisive force that will bring forth a sifting which will refine My house. You have tasted the wine but now I will send the fire. I will purge the House of David and they will find the threshing floor of My desire. A purity of devotion shall come forth as My servants seek out the widows and orphans in their affliction. I will be able to say of this generation of ministers, "I was hungry and you gave Me meat, I was thirsty and you gave Me drink, I was a stranger and you took Me in. Naked and you clothed Me, I was sick and you visited Me, I was in prison and you came to Me..." You will know them by their fruit. My house will be a house of prayer for all nations.


These displaced people will find firm and steady ground in the coming days. I will open up political favor that has been reserved for such a time as this. These people native to this land will be a Joseph and will grant guidance in uncertain times. They will be ambassadors of peace and balance that will turn the tide of monumental decisions for life and equality. The voice of their forefathers will be heard once again and I will mark a day of remembrance for them. I will redeem the time that was lost in their ancestry and the dignity of their chiefs will once again be heard in the Whitehouse; their voices will be a voice of reckoning in the highest halls of the land. They will stand before kings for My names sake. I will restore land and boundaries that have been dishonorably displaced giving them back a legacy. I will stir the hearts of those in leadership and high cabinet positions to take up their cause as Esther did before the king. The giants of political prejudice will finally fall making way for a new generation of Kings and Priests. Thus opening the flood gates of restoration reestablishing a nation.


These leaders will be lightning rods of controversy and reformation. I will use them as I used Daniel to bring about national reform and revival. There will be an unlikely alliance between these three that will open the windows of Heaven and re-dig the well of justice. They will be a hammer in my hand as Jeremiah was to break the hard hearts of unbelief and many will be delivered. I will confound the wise and justify the weak brining about a decade of liberty that will set the stage for unprecedented divine opportunity. At this table of world leaders will be my prophets as well. Those seeking a seat of notoriety and influence will be disqualified from this position and I will place instead the meek and unassuming to speak My mind and heart. The humble in this hour will be exalted and those desiring power and prestige will be broken. Watch the British says the Lord. Many will try to displace Tony Blair and remove him from his seat, the seat that I have created for him and like David, Saul will pursue him and even those in his own household will rise up against him but My will will prevail. I will raise up mighty men to stand with him these next three years and the hand of righteousness and justice will prevail in the land. A whirlwind of revival will be created from the controversy and from the cities of Britain you will hear rumors of revival and a kindling flame will be started. Watch the royal house of England, there is a seed of salvation about to burst forth.


The landscape of political intrigue is changing. This year will be marked by radical transformation in cultural paradigms creating opportunity for change in impoverished nations setting the stage for economic revival. Out from the ashes of poverty will emerge an army of intellectual giants that carry My word and will. I will give them witty inventions and keen insights that set the pace for a generations of scientists and astronomers that will change the way we view the world. Like their predecessors they will upset the tyrannical orders that exist that insist on ignorance and poverty as means of control. This army of spiritual revolutionaries will bring about economic and educational reform casting down vain imaginations and science falsely so called. They will set new trends that will change the face of the future do dramatically you will not recognize what you see today - tomorrow. They will transcend third world mind sets and sit in the seat of Joseph and breaking the back of famine. This will create portals of missionary possibilities thrusting millions into the harvest fields. They will come with wittyinventions and dramatic daring creating wealth from was once barren soil. Inventing and recycling what was always there to employ and empower the famished and outcast.


Ancient gates of prejudice will break, opening the doors of freedom to a generation once enslaved to ignorance. A wave of inspired teaching will flood the educational systems of the United States and Great Britain setting a precedence world wide. I will lift the prisoners from the pit of prejudice and sit them with kings. They will arise and shine and embrace their destiny because their light has come. In governments of gross darkness they will be a ensign of change and reformation. They will lead an army into the promised land of My will says the Lord. Watch the East the shackles will fall from their feet and they will sing a new song in Vietnam North and South singing with one mouth. I will hasten it to come to pass. The anthem of ignorance will be turned into a song of joy and their mourning into laughter. I will give them beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for sorrow. Where once was civil unrest and war will be dancing and singing. I will restore what the canker worm has eaten and the locust have devoured. Your children's children will eat the fruit of the land. This is the day of new beginnings and a coming year of completion. You will have come full circle and a new season will seize you. You will not be who you were in the coming days and a new vision will lead you.