By Chad Taylor
Seeds of revival that have laid dormant for decades and even centuries are finding their way to the surface.  They are PUSHING through the fallow ground of religion and the jagged rocks of tradition and they are bursting from the ground!  They are PUSHING their heads through the dry ground and breaking out with much fruit.  As soon as the seed breaks from the ground the fruit is appearing!  Areas that have been desolate for years are now about to break out in revival and spiritual awakening!  SUDDENLY this will occur with no previous warning or expectation.  The seeds planted by prayer and watered by tears will SUDDENLY leap into view bearing much fruit!
Ministries that have floundered and even quit will SUDDENLY come to the forefront again with a revival message, purged and tempered by trial and tribulation.  Their fruit will spring forth with a sudden intensity and the will remain to the end.  Even the ministries that have been counted out and dead will spring upon the seen with a new energy and vision.  They have discovered the seeds of revival in the desert of despair.  It is only there that I can birth this in them.  It is only in the desert that I can fashion the heart of the revivalist.  (Deuteronomy 8:2-3).
Cities that are off the beaten path, villages, small rural areas these seeds of revival will burst forth.  In small obscure churches and unknown places will tend to these revival seeds.  In metropolitan areas and larger cities the seeds of revival will also burst forth.  The prayers and tears of the saints will now reap an abundant harvest.  Seeds of youth that have been snuffed out at an early age will now bear much fruit.  The greatest revivals are yet to be seen in gang infested areas as I raise up ten thousand times ten thousand Nicky Cruz's and David Wilkerson's.  A genuine burden for the streets will herald this revival.
A great harvest of prayers will occur during this revival.  Prayers for loved ones, prayers for friend's salvations, these prayers will take priority.  The prodigal sons will come in mass to the Father's House.  Where inventions and strategies of men have failed to bring increase now will true increase come as they pour into His House by divine providence.  In ancient seed beds will revival break out.  Amongst the Methodists, the Catholics, the Lutherans and the Baptist.  I will even reap a great harvest amongst the Mormons says the Lord.  Amongst the Mormons.  Even now the plow is put to the ground in these divers places.  Even now the seeds of revival are breaking the fallow ground with fruit in their vines and branches.  Even now these things are coming to pass.
Seeds in dormant freeze are being awakened.  Seeds of revival on college campuses and places of higher learning are breaking out of their places of religious confinement and storage.  Prayer will take precedence in these places.  Prayer will set a standard of power as I shake and arrest these places with My glory.  Government buildings will harbor these prayers and give authority to the church to walk into places that once were closed.  Capitol buildings will become great ships of grace in each state, prayer by mass will originate from these places instigating rural and national revival.  An army from the streets will hear this sound coming from the halls of institutions and plazas and they will awaken to their ancient destinies.  Drunks will stir themselves and return to the Father's House to receive their true inheritance.  Gamblers and drifters will hear the distant sounds of revival and will detour and return.  In this hour says the Lord the family man will stand with the biker.  This river of revival will be filled with color and diversity says the Lord.  Color and diversity.
In every place and in every city you will hear praises in the streets.  From street corners the shouts of victory will be heard echoing over seas and into various nations.  What was meant for evil says the Lord, I have meant for good.  All things will now work together with My perfect will to the good for My people and My world.  I still love the world says the Lord.  For I love the world so much I gave My only begotten Son, that whoever, I mean WHOEVER would believe in Him, would not die, but have everlasting life.  Yes, everlasting life.  I do not take pleasure in the death of the wicked.  It is not My will that any man should perish but that all would be saved.  I will brand this in My people's heart in this hour, "THAT NONE SHOULD PERISH."  It will be the anthem of the youth and the song of the old.  "THAT NONE SHOULD PERISH LORD.  THAT NONE SHOULD PERISH...
Chad Taylor
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