The River is Turning  

By Chad Taylor  

  "Behold I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth, shall you not know it?  I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert..."  (Isaiah 43:19).  

  I had a vision of a great river.  Like the one that was seen in Ezekiel chp. 47.  There stood men measuring and judging the depths of the river.  Intently measuring the flow and speed of the rushing current.  Then I saw many begin to build levees and dams to prevent flooding.  Frantically attempting to keep the river in its perimeters and banks.  Sand bags and rocks were being used as make shift walls and levees to hold the river back.  Then I heard the voice of the Lord say,  

'For the time has come says the Lord that the river will turn.  It will swell and break her banks, no longer will it be a thing measured and judged by mere depth or width.  This river will turn from its present course and flood the land.  For many desire to keep this river within the perimeters and boundaries of their own understanding.  Building and plotting its length and depth.  Measuring and determining its course.  Now is the hour that this river will break out on your right hand and on your left.  It will defy every human effort to contain it.  Every futile plan to plot its course and measure its depths.  Now is the time this river must break the banks and flood the land!'  

Suddenly in this vision this river swelled beyond the confines of human configurements and swept the rocks and barriers away.  A torrent of water began to fill the valleys and canyons, the dry deserted places that the levee builders refused to let the water flow.  The dark places, places that seemed like nothing would grow or produce.  Unfertile and without any visual quality or abundance.  In these very places the river now flooded and flowed.  Then the voice of the Lord said,  

'In these deserted fields overlooked by human reasoning is a great treasure.  A pearl of great price.  There in these places will a great harvest occur.  In the forgotten places will an army now arise.  They will be moved by this great river, they will be carried away into My glory and presence only to emerge from its depths with a revelation.  Transfigured from the image of their previous selves.  Changed into My image from glory to glory.  No human effort to contain or corral this river will succeed.  Only the ones that release it and allow it to flow where it must will reap the benefits.'  

Then I beheld a wonder.  In these deserted and dry places suddenly sprung up gardens of abundance and fruitfulness.  I saw millions working these fields of abundance with glory and joy.  True harvest had visited the land.  The river was flowing into every valley and crevice, filling the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God.  In every place was the fruit of this river.  Human lives redeemed and saved from the famine of religion and human reasoning.  Unlike former revivals and awakening, this time the Spirit of the Lord refused to allow the river to be regulated and controlled.  All manner of human invention and manipulation was spoiled.  Any effort to build around the river and contain it was washed away.  The river had broke the banks and had flooded the land!  

'For this is the hour I will teach My church to flow with the river.  To ride the waves of My glory into the land and thus out of their bellies will flow rivers of living water.  I will teach My people to move with the river, to go where it desires to go instead of making it go where they desire for it to flow.  I will give them My heart and mind.  They will be gate keepers that OPEN the gates that the King of Glory can come in.  I will change the heart of Jonah in them that refuse to see the land changed and repent.  I will dry up the gourd that hangs over the churches head in this hour.  They will love the people and the land more than they love a movement or manifestation.'   I

n this vision I saw the great river of the present move of God turning.  No longer was the church building at its headwaters.  But rather the desert and the street was the mouth of this great river of revival.    It was no longer dictated by human hands but by the hand of God.  All restraint and hindrance was gone.  The river flowed into every valley and alley and washed away the darkness and filth.  A great army emerged from its wake.  Alive and full of Light and glory.  Still some vainly tried to build and dam up the river, but to no avail.  It simply went over every human effort and flooded the land.  THE RIVER OF GOD HAD TURNED!    

Chad Taylor
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