by  Chad Taylor

As I was praying and meditating about our presence in the southern region of the United States I heard the Lord say so clearly,


It's time to quit talking about revival and it's time to start living and breathing it! It's time to step outside the protective and insulated boundaries of church and begin to make a legitimate impact on our cities and streets. As cliché as it may seem, "IT'S HARVEST TIME!

Think about that for a minute. HARVEST TIME. Can you imagine during the time of cultivation and harvest in the cotton or tobacco fields of the south if all the workers lounged in the warehouses and buildings watching the tractors sit and the fields grow? How preposterous would that be and how much of the precious fruit would be harvested? None. Yet that is exactly what most churches are doing right now. Conferences and neatly packaged prophetic meetings abound but still the harvest fields stand there unattended to. Entire neighborhoods have no awareness of our presence or message and are completely untouched by our parade of prophetic conferences and seminars. How many meetings on intercession can you attend until you start to really intercede? How many prophetic gatherings can you justify until you finally step out of the boat and begin to really touch someone's life and reveal to them their destiny?!

Really, we have come to the place as they did in Jesus' day when He entered the temple and cast out the money changers and tax collectors. If you read Matthew chp. 21 closely you will realize it was not only a money issue that Jesus was confronting but a people issue as well. As soon as the obstacles of revival were removed watch what happens in the very next scripture, "The blind and the lame came to Him in the temple and He healed them..." (v. 14). The masses that the temple was created to reach and heal were the very ones forced outside by religious agenda and good intentions. It has to stop or the Lord may have to pierce through our zealous facade and rebuke us like He did in days of old...

The southern states of the U.S. have been in a "freeze frame" for decades if not a century. Yet the role she plays in national revival is paramount. The south literally is a divine hinge for the door of genuine transformation and revival to occur and without her participation the rest of the nation stands in jeopardy. God desires the South to lead the way in harvest and evangelism and break the stereotype of the typical Sunday to Sunday church and forge a new way. When will we realize that Sunday morning does not reach the world - it reaches us and we my friend have been out-reached for far too long. The icon of Sunday and Wednesday needs to fall making way for an entirely new theology that meets the world daily in a dynamic divine confrontation thus becoming a relevant presence again thier lives.

I also heard the Lord say that we must not allow the Esau spirit or attitude to pervade our lives any longer. Esau sold out, he could be bought. So many have sold out to personality, notoriety and popularity and cashed in on other peoples labor and effort stealing the glory of God for themselves. They have sold their birthright to have their name printed in a conference flyer or magazine article and to have the accolades of men rained down on them. They have forgotten the grave warning of Paul the Apostle, "Do I seek to please men? For if I yet please men I should not be the servant of Christ..." (Gal. 1:10). We must resist this temptation to please the demand and desire of man and pursue the heart of God and his passion for Harvest. How quickly we have forgotten that Jesus is the LORD OF THE HARVEST not the Lord of our personal agenda or calendars...

We as a ministry remain diligent in our commitment to the southern region of the United States and her destiny. We have resided in southwest Georgia for over a year now and continue to witness history unfolding. We want to issue a new and fresh mandate to visit your region and grab hold of the plow with you. In the last two years we have traveled to Hawaii, California, Vermont, Minnesota, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Tennessee, New York, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Old Mexico witnessing first hand the "critical mass" we are at as a church. We sense an urgency like no other time to focus on the southern states as well. If you have a church, ministry or are a part of a particular region and city we encourage you to contact us. We are committed to come to these places in the south this year and help you dig the wells of revival again. Simply email us at the email below and explain your strategy, heart and vision for your city. Size or numbers have no influence on our decisions so please do not hesitate to contact us.

We experienced dramatic impact in various places in the south already. In Newnan, GA. from our groundbreaking meetings last year a revival center emerged that is touching the world weekly with God's heart (www.harvestcenters.com). Our year based in Nashville in 2003 we walked the halls of The Ryman Theatre better known as the Grand Ole Opry and prayed for God to possess those historic halls once again and then later we met in the Planet Hollywood building and now both are facilitating revival meetings! "Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given to you..." That is a literal word we can all live out from Joshua 1:3. If you would like for my wife and I to visit your city, church or ministry please contact us right away and let's seize this divine moment together.


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