Cry of the Spirit is Harvest

by Chad Taylor

So the Harvest of hearts sway to the sound of church bells,
Oblivious to the sound of eternity,
With no knowledge of heaven or hell…

The child wanders the streets, with nothing to eat,
His heart hardened by life’s severity,
Longing to lay it at the Master’s feet…

The orphan and the widow search for a home,
Looking for the Eternal Hope,
Praying not to be forgotten alone…

The cry of the Spirit is "PREPARE!"
Cast out the nets and ropes!
The season to reap is here!

SPARE NOT! Lengthen your cords!
Cast your nets on the other side!
This is the day of the Lord!

Stretch out your curtains! Strengthen your stakes!
Get ready make haste!
As the walls of revival break!

This is the day the Lord has made!
To reap the harvest white,
To finish our race…

Run! Run! Go into the fields!
Let your light so shine!
My power I now will reveal!

Then the orphan and widow will say,
‘Surely God is in you…’
By the love you show and the things you do…

The prisoner will exclaim,
‘You came unto me!
I was lost but now I AM FREE!’

The blind man will shout,
‘I can see! I can see!’
The skeptic will then say, ‘I BELIEVE!’

The cry of the Spirit is, ‘PREPARE,
Cast out your nets and ropes,
The Harvest is here!
The Harvest is here!
The harvest is here!’

Chad Taylor (07/06-99)