The Stones The Builders Rejected

My wisdom shall be justified by my children. These stones that have been rejected are the ones that I have chosen for a habitation says the Lord. As Joseph was rejected by those of his own house, his brothers, so are many in this hour being cast away. But I am gathering these stones to build My house, a house of prayer for the nations. Now understand My wisdom says the Lord, these stones the builders have rejected shall be the very shelter for those that have rejected them in the peril to come. I have ordained you for such an hour as this says the Lord.

As Joseph, your rejection will be their salvation. Rejoice! Leap for joy! For in like manner did they to the prophets that were before you! But as Joseph, My favor will exalt you to sit with kings and princes, and in the time of darkness upon the earth you will shine. You will be the stronghold of righteousness that the elder brother runs to, and you will be quick to open the door!

This is the day of Haggai the prophet. No longer will My house lay in ruins, but I will hasten its building. A house of prayer for the nations you shall be called. A place of refuge for the poor, a welfare for the orphan, a place of healing for the sick, this will be the house that I will build says the Lord. I will suffer no other in this hour. My love will hasten its completion. For the children that faint for hunger at the top of every street, I will hasten it to come.

The prophet that I will anoint will not seek the honor of men. No honor will they seek but the honor that comes from above. This will be their meat and drink in the hour to come. They will hunger for My presence more than flesh and blood, like the hart who longs for the brook, so their heart will burn within them, "Spare your people, O Lord, and give not Your heritage to reproach." These are the ones that My hand will be upon.

The stones the builders have rejected, shall be the pillars in My temple in the days ahead. In them will be the Hope of the nations, the Hope of Glory Christ Jesus. Suffer it to be so now My child, let wisdom have her perfect work, and see the deliverance of your God in the hour to come. Gross darkness shall prevail upon the whole earth, but you will be a light and a hope to the nations. Millions will come to the brightness of its rising, and what the devil meant for evil, I have meant for good says the Lord of Hosts.

O living stones! The enemy will not triumph over you! The horse and the rider has been cast into the sea! I Am with thee! I will never forsake thee! In the darkness you will see! I will be your eyes, a hand to guide you in the night! Fear not! I Am with you even to the end of the age, when the old will suddenly be changed, and you will see Me face to face! Know that that day is drawing nigh, when I will appear like a thief in the night, to take back what is Mine! It is time! Yes My child! It is time! To give everything to Me, take up your cross and follow Me! It is time. To shine.

Taking the streets to the church
and compelling them to go out...

Chad Taylor - 12/9/98

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