A Word for Texas

By Chad Taylor

There is a fire kindled in you. I am stirring the eternal flame of revival in your cities. The storm has passed; the time of harvest is upon you. The snow of winter will melt and you will begin to eat the fruit of the land. The old manna has ceased, now you will eat the fruit of Canaan. In your streets you will hear the cry of deliverance. The lame will leap and the blind shall see says the Lord. You will see My hand in power.

The flame even now leaps up in obscure places, but the infrequency shall shorten and the flames will become a fire, and it will be said of you, "A city upon a hill that cannot be hid, a lamp stand that lights up the whole house." In your belly I am kindling a fire says the Lord. In Houston, in San Antonio, and Fort Worth, I am kindling a fire says the Lord. I am blowing upon the embers of revival that burned so long ago. The harvest of souls you once witnessed. It shall be like the first time, but now in greater measure, now in greater abundance says the Lord.

Those that have labored in what has seemed obscurity, your reward is upon you. You have been faithful in a little, now I will pour out to you much. The time of blessing is now. The time of harvest in here.

There will be a great light seen rising in your prison systems. Where death now reigns you will see a flood of life breaking the banks of tradition that will literally water the whole land says the Lord. Your prisons will not be blotches but lights says the Lord. Many of you who have never felt the call to prison ministry, who have said before, "Not I Lord!" will be thrust into them like a sickle. You will be wet with the souls of many. You will see a great harvest in your time.

Those that have been faithful with much and have seen the increase of many years, your hour of increase has just begun. You will be a great tree in the land that will give rest even to millions says the Lord. You will be a father and a mentor to the ranks that I am raising up in this hour. To train My people to fight. To set the captives free. To release My anointing. Freely you received, now freely give. You will be a school of the prophets in this latter hour. You will train them to hear Me and to obey Me says the Lord.

I will rally your youth in this hour! Genuine revival will be in their midst. Holy fire will break out in your classrooms and hallways! The destroyer will be destroyed by the steps of your children. This is the time to fulfill the prophecies that have been spoken over you, with them you will wage a good warfare says the Lord.

You will say to the devourer, "GIVE BACK!" And to the wicked, "RESTORE!" You will be a joint that supplies in a nation in peril. You will be a ship of safety in the storm. A pillar of truth in times of judgement. This is your greatest hour says the Lord. This is your greatest hour.

(Isaiah 60:1-7)

Chad Taylor - www.consumingfire.com


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