It Is Time....


The Apostles are coming.  Their steps are directed by the Lord.  His Word is a lamp unto their feet and a light to their path.   His intent is in their hearts.  They will not fail of falter, but stand says the Lord.  They are even now in the land.  An Apostolic company.  An Apostolic expression of the Father's heart.  To build and to plant, to uproot and to tear down.  A time of in-gathering, a time of harvest and reaping, of gathering the precious stones. A time of restoration and reformation.   For the Lord says it is time.  The time is now.

Signs and wonders shall confirm their steps.  As the sun confirms the dawn, the glory of the Lord shall arise, arise and shine, for the glory of the Lord has come!  The first rays of His visitation is upon you to heal and to restore, to reckon and to send.   The nations are in My heart.  The day of the Lord is nigh in the valley of decision.  There shall all the nations be gathered, and like a potter I will shape the clay.

I have poured out the oil, and I have poured out the wine,
Now it is time,
To give it out as a drink offering.
Freely you've received, now freely give,
That the world might know,
That in you Christ lives.
It is time...
It's time to pour out My blood to cleanse their wounds,
To set at liberty the captive,
And them that are bruised.
It is time...
To open up the grave to them that are bound,
To say to the blind,  "You see!"
And to the lost,  "Your found!"
My grace is sufficient for this right now.

O you who have known Me for so many years, wept so many tears,
It is time to arise,
From your complacency and fear,
And shine...
It is time.
No longer will you say to Me,  "It is not enough!"
I have already given you My oil and wine,
A testimony of My blood,
It is enough!
Now is the time to arise and GO!
To the uttermost parts of the earth
and let them know,
I am coming soon!

Yes, I am returning soon!

This is a generation of deliverance. 
As Moses was to Israel,
so are you to this generation. 
Signs and wonders shall be in the palm of your hands,
greater things shall you surely do. 
You will say to the rock, "Waters flow!"
You will say to the fig tree, "Bring forth your fruit!"  Y
ou will say to the sky, "Give up your rain!" 
I say to you My bride, "It is time..."

In you will be the song of Moses, A song of deliverance and victory.
"the horse and the rider has been cast into the sea!"
It is time,
To pour out the oil and wine,
to heal the lame and the blind,
It is time.
As Joshua went to possess the land,
It is time to reveal My divine plan.
For all the world to see,
Their purpose and destiny.
It is time.
My bride, come!  From your closet, I bid you come!
Show unto the world My love!
Come!  Yes, come!
As the Father and I are one,
So shall we be one!
Come!  Come!  Out of your closet come!
I bid you come!

For the Groom has left His chambers,
with battle in His heart,   (Rev.19:11)
To raise up a troop of warriors,
His passion to impart.
They will walk and run,
Never breaking rank,
They will redeem the time,
For the hour on earth is late.
It is time!
The Lord says to His precious bride,
It is time.

Chad Taylor