By Chad Taylor released 01/05/2000

For I saw four angels over you O Ireland with a trumpet in each of their hands.

For I say to you today that I have sent My angels to you for such a time as this. They come with a commissioning, a sending in their sound. In their trumpets.

"For if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle?" (1st Cor. 14:8).

For in this sound is a sound of war, a sound to the battle. They have postured themselves over your borders for such a time as this says the Lord.

"Proclaim this among the nations, prepare for war! Wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near, let them come up." (Joel 3:9)

I am stirring the ranks within you O Ireland to fight the good fight, to lay hold of eternal life for which you have been called. Again you will be called "The salt of the earth..." My passion and My desire will be preserved in you. Like Joseph sold by his brothers, I will preserve My desire in you. I am taking the stick of Joseph and the stick of Ephraim and I will make them one in this hour says the Lord.

You will hear the beat of My heart in this year 2000. You will march to a different drummer, no longer will you march to the rhythm of fear. But I will make you as bold as lions. I will make you the light of the whole earth. You will march to the sound of My heart says the Lord. Like John you will lay your head on the Master's breast. You will know My heart for a generation in the wilderness.

For in each of the angel's hand is a trumpet. One trumpet is inscribed the word, REPENTANCE.

I will cause the fruit of repentance to spring up amongst you. Brother that has stood against brother shall embrace as they did so long ago. You will see a harvest of reconciliation in this year 2000 says the Lord. The ancient high places will be cast down, and the desolation of many generations restored. I will do this and more says the Lord.

In another angel's hand the trumpet read RIGHTEOUSNESS.

I will show you the right and good way in this coming season. I will remove the works of the law that have held My people captive and I will show them the righteousness that is by Me. By My stripes I will set you free! I will remove the hand written ordinances that have kept you, and I will nail them to My cross of righteousness says the Lord. I will show you what it means to walk with Me says the Lord.

The third trumpet was inscribed REVIVAL.

I will sweep up your youth with the winds of an awakening. I will blow upon the dry bones of your youth and they will live. They will march into the land as My army. They will tear down the altars that their fathers built and they will establish My covenant in the land once again. A Gideon generation is upon you O Ireland. They will be as bold as lions and they will spare not, they will break out on your right hand and on your left. You will see them from afar and witness the fire of their devotion in the midnight hour. The night shall be as the noon day round about them says the Lord.

The last trumpet read, RESTORATION.

I will give back what the locust have devoured. I will give you beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning. My countenance will shine upon you, your health shall spring forth speedily. You will say to the prisoner, "RESTORE!" You will say to the widow, "RESTORE!" You will say to the orphan, "RESTORE!" You will be a repairer of the breach says the Lord.

I am blowing on the ashes of your destiny. From them shall come victory. I am breathing on the hearts of apathy. From them shall come victory. I am speaking to the hearts of your children, from them shall come revival. In this year 2000 you will see the visions and the dreams come to pass. That which you counted as loss shall be restored. That which you have forgotten shall be brought to remembrance. I will hasten it to come to pass says the Lord.

Ode to My Daughter Ireland !

In you is My destiny,
The children on their beds will sing,
"Now we can see! Now we can see!"
For the right hand of the Lord has delivered me!
The right hand of the Lord has led us through the sea!"

The widow and the orphan will dance,
For the Lord has led them by His hand!
They will dance and surely be glad,
For they have crossed the Jordan
To possess the land!

Through the wilderness they have come,
The Rock that followed them was My Son!
The world will see what I have done!
O My daughter Ireland Come!
O My daughter Ireland Come!
The Spirit and the Bride say Come!
The heart of the Father says Come!



Chad Taylor