The Uncomely Parts

by Chad Taylor


Isaiah 42:6-9 "New things do I declare..."

This is the hour of the uncomely parts. It is the hour that those who are humble, lowly, and meek, God will now exalt. It is the hour for the shepherds to become kings, for the peasants and the paupers to become princes and priests. It is the hour says the Lord, that I will raise up the poor out of the dust, and lift the needy out of the dunghill; that I might set him with princes.

It is the hour that I will make the high places and those esteemed by man, low. The lowly and the humble will I lift up even as the stars of the Heaven says the Lord.

I will bring my holy apostles out of prison houses and alley ways, the highways and the byways. I will truly confound the wise and the mighty.

Prophets shall rise from the most unlikely places to remind My people that I AM God and will share My glory with no other.

Those that are servants of tables in My kingdom, those that are but door keepers in My house, shall I highly exalt and glorify. They shall do mighty exploits, signs and wonders. Fear shall be upon My holy church once again.

The young children, the handmaidens, and the weaker vessels shall I bestow more honor, that there be no schism in My Body. I will pour out My Spirit without measure on all flesh says the Lord.

This is the hour of the backslider, that they will be called home. There are yet many Apostles & Prophets in the belly of the fish, that have run from me and from the call upon their lives, that are being spit back up on the shores of the church, willing and ready to continue their course.

I am releasing a wave of love upon My people that they can receive these chosen vessels without judgment and criticism. To restore them to their rank.

This is your greatest hour. Let the weak say "I am strong!" Let the poor say " I am rich!" because of what the Lord has done for us.

You can no longer say " I have no talents, I cannot be used!" You O child, are the ones the Lord will mightily use in the day of the Lord. YOU are His chosen vessels.

Taking the streets to the church
and compelling them to go out.

Chad Taylor - 10/18/98 - Ellensburg, WA